Transform your conservatory into a beautiful, year-round living space with a Guardian Warm Roof

A solid conservatory roof can add value to your home and provide more usable living space

Revive your tired and dated conservatory with a solid roof conservatory from Guardian Warm Roof. 
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Altogether, our solid replacement roof neatly blends with the outside of your home, while you can relax in a beautiful, modern and light filled room that can be used all year round.

Updating your conservatory with a solid Guardian Warm Roof greatly improves the aesthetics of your home. Additionally, it will help regulate temperature because traditional conservatories can be extremely hot in summer and very cold in winter. 

Overall, these improvements will give you more space for living, as well as an impactful look that will potentially increase the value of your home.

Reduce your energy bills and save money.

A Guardian Warm Roof includes three layers of high performance insulation as standard. Basically, this robust layering prevents heat loss in winter, as well as heat gain in summer. 

With a solid conservatory roof from Guardian, your room is more pleasant to use and consumes less energy. In essence, you keep warm and your energy bills are lower.

A solid conservatory roof suitable for any style

Whatever the style of your conservatory, our expert network of installers can tailor a Guardian Warm Roof to suit your needs.

While no two conservatories are the same, no two Guardian Warm Roofs are the same either. Therfore, every Guardian Warm Roof is uniquely designed for each individual conservatory being transformed.

What type of conservatory roof do you have?

  • lean to conservatory
    Lean to
  • combination conservatory
  • victorian conservatory
  • edwardian conservatory
  • gable end conservatory
guardian warm roof solid roof conservatory with velux windows

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Reduce your energy bills and save money

A Guardian Warm Roof includes three layers of high performance insulation as standard. In short, this system makes sure your room stays warm in winter and cool in summer. As a result, it's more energy efficient meaning your energy bills will be lower.
labc regulators

We speed up your build with our  LABC partnership.

The Guardian Warm Roof system is partnered with Local Authority Building Control (LABC). Above all, this speeds up the process compared with other solid roof systems.
velux and guardian warm roof partnership

The VELUX and Guardian Warm Roof partnership; for your peace of mind

The Guardian Warm Roof system is the only solid roof system to be officially partnered with VELUX roof windows. Both VELUX roof windows and Guardian Warm Roof let you double the light and ventilation of the space, giving you a stylish and energy efficient room that you can enjoy, whatever the weather.
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