Frequently Asked Questions


What options are available with a Guardian sun room?

There are many options available, please contact us to discuss further or visit our roof options page to view the roof options available.

Do I need planning permission for a sun room with a Guardian Warm Roof?

Planning permission is not required provided that:
1. The ground area covered by the extension and any other buildings within the boundary of the property, excluding the original house, is not more than half the total area of the property.
2. Any part of the extension is not higher than the highest part of the roof of the existing house.
3. The eaves of the extension are not higher than the eaves of the existing house.
4. Any part of the extension does not extend beyond any wall facing a road if it forms the principal or side elevation of the original house.

How much will a Guardian sun room cost?

Please contact your nearest approved installer for an estimate.

Do I need planning permission?

Planning permission is not needed to change your roof but building control approval is recommended.

Will there be disruption to my home?

As all Guardian Warm Roofs are prefabricated in our Professional Production Facilities there is minimum disruption to the home.

Is building control needed?

Gaining building regulations approval from your local authority for your new Guardian roof has multiple benefits for homeowners. You can be sure that the system installed has been rigorously checked centrally by LABC and then on site by a local building control surveyor to ensure the roof is installed correctly, performs as intended and, importantly, is structurally safe and thermally efficient. You also have peace of mind that should you come to sell your property in future, there won’t be any issues with unauthorised works that will hold up the process.

Why Choose a Guardian Roof ?

Guardian Warm Roof is one of very few LABC Registered systems. The system was the very first of its kind to be registered with LABC. It is recommended that an approved system should be used when converting your conservatory roof. Unfortunately there are companies in market place that are willing to ignore Building Regulations and just cover the existing glass or polycarbonate with tiles and minimal insulation within the voids of the roof. These structures are extremely dangerous and have been well documented over the past few years in cases where the structure has moved or even collapsed.

Will a Guardian Roof fit my conservatory?

All Guardian roofs are made bespoke to fit your existing conservatory. The system is designed to cover all designs and sizes. Guardian Roof also allows the option for Roof Windows and Full Glazed Panels.

If I have a conservatory added to my property with one of your Guardian Slate roofs fitted, does the installer supply me with a Building Control Certificate to confirm all is approved?
Our approved installer who will be carrying out the build should contact LABC (Local Authority Building Control) 5 days before the build is started to ensure all documentation is organized if necessary, LABC will then notify the installer if building certificates are required or not in accordance with your local building control. If they are required, LABC will supply your installer with the building cert after an inspection is carried out and they are happy the build has been carried out correctly.

We do not have a low brick wall, we have plastic panels on our conservatory, will a guardian roof be too heavy or can it still be applicable?

Providing the frames are fully reinforced it should not be a problem installing a Guardian Roof on full height frames. A registered installer of the system can check that the frames are fully reinforced.

I can see that the Guardian roof frame has a large proportion of aluminium. Can you please confirm this design does not result in condensation to the structural members or materials and finishes?

The Guardian Roof is a fully ventilated system with no interstitial condensation risk attached with it. Please find a report constructed by the BRE on our system on condensation risk analysis. As you will see, the Guardian Roof passed all areas of the UK from a climate perspective.

Can you put a log burner flue through a Guardian Roof?

Yes it is possible to put a log burner flue through a Guardian Roof. You will need to check with the supplier of the burner regarding sealing from the outside and how far the insulation should be cut back from the the flue itself.

What guarantees do homeowners get with a Guardian Warm Roof?

All registered team Guardian Members will give a Guarantee on the installation. An Insurance back Guarantee on the work should also be available. I currently have a glass roof conservatory and am interested in changing to solid roof like yours.

Would I need to obtain planning permission to do this?

Planning is not needed to change your conservatory roof but building control approval is recommended. The Guardian Warm Roof has full LABC approval and this will help with speeding up the process. Guardian also have a special rate with local authorities. Your local installer knows exactly how to deal with this and will take care of the paperwork.

How do I find a reputable Guardian Roof Installer?

Team Guardian has been created to provide home owners, wherever they live in the UK with quality assurances and peace of mind. Only Team Guardian installers are authorised and approved to sell and fit our Warm Roof system, therefore we strongly recommend that you check to make sure that the company you appoint are Team Guardian members. You can use this website to find a list of local companies who are officially associated with our product. It’s still important to ask for references and to make sure their work is guaranteed and appropriately covered by a reputable insurance policy. We are very proud of our generally high standards of installation workmanship but it is still important that you are also satisfied with the way your new warm roof is fitted, so we definitely encourage home owners to ask questions and have a good relationship with the installation personnel. Here are a few points to consider… The company should provide you with an accurate cost to the penny – without any hidden charges. The owner or installation foreman should supervise the project with regular on-site visits The company should answer all of your questions and provide information for you to make an educated decision. The company should provide you with a complete and thorough walk–through inspection of the finished product. The company should take care of obtaining the building permit and arrange for all of the required inspections by your local building department Look for a warranty that is backed by a reputable insurer

Tell me about the company that actually manufactures The Guardian Warm Roof?

We have a network of 22 independent manufacturers (in the home improvements industry, the most popular name for a manufacturer is “fabricator”) all our “fabricators” are contracted, registered and authorised to build our roof system. We work very closely with our fabricator network to make sure they have all the latest software, technology and the relevant intelligence needed to produce Guardian Warm Roofs. As you might imagine, each fabricator has made a huge investment in equipment and personnel as well as the commitment to ourselves. When a roof is ordered, all the dimensions and specification go direct to the fabricator and they actually build the roof on their shop floor to make sure every component is included and fits perfectly. Once the roof assembly is complete, it is then dismantled, labelled and carefully packed ready for delivery, direct to your home, where the installation team are waiting and all-set to fit your new roof. How can you claim to be the best at what you do? The Guardian Warm Roof is our number one and our most important product, it’s the foundation of our business and has taken many years and lots of dedicated effort to design and create. In other words, we are 100% committed to ensuring every aspect of the roof is as good as it can be, over the last ten years, we have tweaked and modified the design plus introducing new materials all of which have combined to improve the structural strength and the thermal efficiency. So now we can confidently say unconditionally, that there is no better lightweight roof system available in the UK

Why should I do business with you?

We understand that choosing any building firm is an important decision, whether its a straight-forward job or a more complicated project. The two things that stand-out here are, 1, the roof itself and 2, the people who you appoint to install it. So lets consider the first item: The Guardian Warm Roof system was officially approved by building control back in 2006, the materials used and the efficiency performance are well documented, there is no doubt, the Guardian Warm Roof is an excellent product well over 20,000 have already been installed in the UK. When it comes to the installation itself, we have a well established manufacturing network and our Team Guardian programme absolutely ensures that only qualified fitters will be on-site to install our roof, so all of these things are there for your benefit and peace of mind. How long will it take to build my sunroom? Generally, the whole process should take around three or four days and the way the roof has been designed is to minimise the disruption to your home. Please see the animated video on this website to see exactly what the process is, you’ll see that we remove your existing roof, prepare the conservatory frame and then begin to ‘build’ your new roof. It’s a very simple and effective building project and the result is a complete transformation.

Can a Guardian Roof work on our very large conservatory?

The Guardian Roof system has been designed to work on virtually any size of conservatory frame. We have installed our lightweight roof onto commercial properties all over the UK, such as hotels, rest homes, offices shopping centres – if there is any doubt, your Team Guardian retailer will discuss the options with you prior to giving you a quote.

How can you claim that a Guardian Warm Roof is such a good investment?

That’s easy, we have hundreds of examples of Homeowners who have sold their house for more than their close neighbours and they tell us that their Guardian Warm Roof definitely helped. The tiled roof makes the conservatory look like a home extension and for many people, that’s exactly why they choose to have a Guardian Roof option. The roof conversion will help you sell more quickly and for more money. So the benefits are much more than the everyday value of having more living space, your also increasing the value of your home Aside from being an investment that enhances your own personal lifestyle – you'll almost certainly get more, when you decide to sell.

How do other people use their conservatory when they’ve had a Guardian Roof fitted?

People use the extra usable space the Guardian Warm Roof provides as a place to retreat and relax. Some people use their sunrooms for family rooms, library/reading room, dining and entertaining areas, as a playroom for children or grandchildren, workplace area, exercise room, reading room, room to do arts and crafts, a room to gaze out at the stars or simply a room to close your eyes for a few minutes on a Saturday afternoon. The possibilities are endless.

Why should we invest in a Guardian Roof?

Many reasons: The Guardian Warm Roof was the first fully insulated, lightweight Solid Roof system on the market and is not just the market leader, it’s also the most popular warm roof in the UK. A Guardian Roof will extend your living space and increase the value of your home. Replacing your old Conservatory Roof with a Guardian Warm Roof System will give you the living space you presumed you were getting when you originally had your conservatory installed. The Guardian Roof is partnered with LABC and delivers a quite incredible U Value of 0.18.

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