Homeowner Insight: From white elephant to dream conservatory renovation in as little as 3 days

Guardian warm roof interior view

Journey from a white elephant to a Guardian Warm Roof conservatory renovation.

Like many homeowners in the 2000s, Mr & Mrs Marsh thought the easiest way to add value and a space to enjoy their garden all year round, was to add on a glass roofed conservatory. Unfortunately, they found that they were using their conservatory less and less, especially in the fluctuating weather. Too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter and increasingly too expensive to heat, they found themselves almost ignoring this area of their home, closing the doors on their once hopeful investment.  

Eventually when a damaging leak caused them to decide on whether to demolish or re-construct their conservatory, they looked at their options. With the addition of being thrown into a lockdown, they now had the time to make an important decision; to restore the beautiful timber frames, and install a conservatory warm roof, in the hope they’ll finally be able to utilise it. 

“In our search for a conservatory warm roof conversion, we liked that Guardian Building Systems were professional and cost effective”

Deciding to go with Guardian Warm Roof would be the best decision they could have made when choosing a conservatory renovation company…

Build & Process:

Combination conservatory roof shapes could take longer to install than other styles, but with expert fabrication software, building control pre-approval and expert installers, the NECS Building Group team were still able to complete the Marsh’s new conservatory warm roof in a total of 3 days. Finished to exceptional standards, their craftsmanship was seen as “a joy to watch”.  

Opening the doors to a dream living space: 

Thanks to the Guardian Warm Roof, the Marsh’s renewed conservatory now has all the functionality for them to enjoy this previously neglected area of their home. The internal doors of the conservatory now remain open,

“We find we never shut the doors now” creating a wonderful walkthrough where they can instantly enjoy the panoramic view of the garden, and they found it has become the perfect reading retreat.  

As the Guardian Warm Roof system is compatible with VELUX roof windows, Mr & Mrs Marsh also appreciate their new automated VELUX windows and blinds, so they can regulate the airflow and natural daylight levels at the touch of a button.  

conservatory renovation with Guardian Warm Roof

The Guardian Warm Roof not only creates a brilliantly insulated internal room, but is also impressionable externally. With the Guardian Slate roof finish “you can’t tell the difference between real slate, it’s incredible.”, creating a fabulous aesthetic, that compliments the whole exterior of the house and garden.  

Don't take our word for it, watch Felicity Marsh's first hand review. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Having a Guardian Warm Roof means the Marsh’s not only have more liveable space, but they no longer have to spend a fortune trying to heat or cool their conservatory. Being fully insulated, the Guardian Warm Roof is also properly ventilated and weatherproofed. 

Mr and Mr’s Marsh can sit back and relax; knowing they benefit from energy savings, increased liveable space, added house value and have confidence in the build quality for years to come with the Guardian Warm Roof Homeowner Promise. 

Do you find that you hardly use your glazed or polycarbonate conservatory?

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