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Get An Extension On A Budget

For many homeowners, an extension seems like the answer to a lot of questions.

A good extension adds superb extra living space. An extension can also add significant value to the property – often greatly in excess of the cost of the work and they also come without significant stress – many extensions don’t require planning permission.

There is almost nothing not to like about extensions except, that is, the cost.

The exact cost will vary of course, but a commonly used rough guide is that an extension will cost between £1,200 and £1,500 per square metre – and that’s just for the building, professional services such as those of an architect come on top.

A basic five metre by five metre extension is likely to cost at least £30,000 and could be close to double that, that’s a sizeable to sum to either find from savings or add to the mortgage.

We think there is an alternative, something that gives you the same great extra space but at a fraction of the cost.

Another Way

At Guardian, we make conservatories but conservatories with a difference. Not the flawed rooms with glass roofs but instead a great space with a lightweight, solid, tiled roof. A Guardian Conservatory is essentially an extension in everything but name and price.

You might be thinking that a conservatory, whatever the roof, isn’t going to compare to an extension, we would counter that by pointing to what regulators make of our product.

Until 2010, conservatories had to have either glass or polycarb roofs, it was only because we developed our product and proved its benefits that regulations were changed. As of 2010, our roofs were given full regulatory approval, the laws were changed to allow them and we also received full LABC approval. We are the only conservatory using a solid, tiled roof to have this approval.

Put simply, we would not have been given this level of approval had we not been able to prove our key claim – namely that a Guardian Conservatory is a great room all year round, it is a room on a par with an extension.

Looking Good!

Our roofs have also been proven to regulate temperatures, so you wouldn’t be getting a conservatory which is too hot in the summer, too cold in winter. Independent research has show that a homeowner with a Guardian Conservatory would save £200 per year compared to someone with a standard (flawed) conservatory. This is money saved off the winter heating bill as the homeowner finds they don’t have to have the heating on max just to set foot in the room.

You really should also take a look at the gallery. Forget what you think a conservatory looks like, have a look at these!

Our roofs come in a range of styles and subtle colours – whatever style of roof your house has, we can match it, our conservatories are not eyesores, instead they sympathetically blend in.

We are hugely proud of our product – our roofs can be fitted as a replacement on any existing conservatory, or we can build a new conservatory using a tiled roof, in effect building a superb extension at a reduced price.

The work is always guaranteed and can often be completed in just a few days.

Getting any major work done on the house is always a big consideration and you will naturally want to consider options, compare quote and come to the best decisions.

In coming to that decision, please take the time to have a look round this site and feel free to fill out the quick quote form. We would also be happy to answer any queries – give us a call today on 0800 0665832.