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Manufactured in our professional production facilities and only installed by our approved and certified installers

The Guardian Warm Roof is manufactured in the UK and there are over 400 companies nationwide who are registered Team Guardian members and fully authorised to install this unique product. The Guardian Warm Roof completely replaces your old conservatory roof which was never designed to accommodate the extra weight required for a solid roof.

This system has been created to give you additional assurances, not just on the roof itself but on the quality of the installation. All Team Guardian members have their own page on this site clearly showing when and where they were trained in the correct installation of the Guardian Warm Roof system. They will also identify themselves with their unique id cards when they visit your home.

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Trading since 1988

We originally began trading back in 1988; but it was around ten years after that date when we started to fabricate conservatory roofs, supplying our products directly to the trade. As our sales increased we also developed good relationships with our trade customers and we began to realise that although home owners generally loved their new conservatory, we heard one particular complaint time and time again:

People were saying that their conservatory was just too hot during the summer and far too cold in winter.

Although both of these issues could be addressed either by extra ventilation for when it was very warm or through additional heating when the temperatures fell, whatever course of action we suggested, the solutions were never really satisfactory.

At the time it was impossible to install a “traditional” tiled roof onto a conservatory, mostly due to the weight of the materials involved, plus the fact that no one had ever really engineered or designed a suitable solid roof alternative we decided to investigate and research the whole subject, we had our inspiration, our target and now we had our challenge.