Do conservatories add more value to your home? Or are they affecting resale value for the worse

They are often seen as a great investment but do conservatories add more value to your home? Phil Spencer, the popular property expert reckons that on average a conservatory can add 7% to your property. However, the true value that is added to your property is not guaranteed. The value it adds will depend on the quality of the conservatory and the condition.

A Guardian Warm Roof conservatory roof replacement increases thermal efficiency and adds value to your home

If you have an old or neglected conservatory, the value of the property might not increase, or it could drag down the property value. Those conservatories that have glazed or polycarbonate roofs are most affected. Here are some of the reasons why these conservatory roofs are now harming property prices.

Nearly impossible to regulate temperatures

Glass and polycarbonate roofs have a poor ability to regulate temperatures. During the hot weather, the room temperature can be unbearably hot. During the colder months, the temperature can be too cold. Therefore, the use of the conservatory can be limited to milder seasons.

Thermally inefficient conservatory roof
Heat escapes quickly from a conservatory in winter due to the nature of glass or polycarbonate roofs

Massive energy costs

As a result of the poor temperature regulations, homeowners often face higher energy costs. During the winter, homeowners often have to heat the conservatory more and during the summer, you might need to add fans to keep the conservatory usable. Therefore, an old conservatory or one in poor condition can cost homeowners more than £200 a year more.

Additional costs of maintaining a conservatory

There are also other costs to consider. Polycarbonate and glazed roofs are not the most durable roofing material. They need regular maintenance, cleaning and more to keep them in top condition. If you don’t do this, then they can look badly maintained and reduce the value the conservatory is supposed to be adding to the property.

These three factors can negatively impact the sell-ability of your home. Some homebuyers will not buy a home with an old or damaged conservatory. However, that doesn’t mean that your solid roofed conservatories add more value to your home.

Most homebuyers are looking for many of the key benefits that a good conservatory offer. This includes the extra floor space, the entertainment areas and spaces where energy savings can be made. But they will want a conservatory where they can have a comfortable, usable area all year and not have to pay a fortune for it.

solid roofed conservatories add more value to your home
Solid roofed conservatories add more value to your home

So, do conservatories add more value to your home?

Short answer is yes, so long as they are future-proofed. That is why it is important to ensure the longevity of any conservatory that you may have now or would like to buy in the future. Using a solid conservatory roof can be one of the best options. This is a tiled or slated roof that looks more natural, can be customised in style and colour to blend in with your home and is easier to maintain.

Those that use warm roof conservatory roofs can often find that not only are they going to add more value to their property but that you can also see cost savings.

Therefore, the next investment you make should be to look for a replacement conservatory roof. Change it to a warm conservatory roof and see the benefits.

Take the steps to a replacement conservatory roof

The Guardian Warm Roof from Guardian Building Systems has been proven to offer more value to your home, reduce costs and add pleasing aesthetics to a home. This can all help you live happier with your conservatory and improve the sell-ability of your home if you decide to move.

If you’re thinking that a warm conservatory roof might be the best investment for your old or damaged conservatory, then find out more about them here.


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