Things To Consider When Replacing Your Conservatory Roof

Having a replacement conservatory roof fitted has become one of the most popular home improvements and it is one that can certainly have huge benefits.


However, there are a few questions to explore first - and we say that even as a company that makes replacement conservatory roofs!


Here are a few key topics to help you decide if a replacement conservatory roof is right for you and, if so, precisely which one.


Why People Are Opting For Replacement Conservatory Roofs


Most conservatories - and all built prior to 2010 that have not had their roof replaced - have either glass or polycarbonate roofs, two materials completely unsuited to the job in hand.


Neither glass or polycarbonate can regulate the temperature, they leave the conservatory too hot in the summer and almost impossible to keep warm in winter. The glass and polycarbonate can also be a bit of an eyesore.


Replacement conservatory roofs were developed to tackle these issues, to make the conservatory usable all year round. To make it the room it always should have been.


Question 1: What About The Other Options


How does replacing the conservatory roof computer to getting an extension, or perhaps a loft or cellar conversion?


Fortunately, this one is fairly easy to answer. You already have the basic structure in place, having the old roof removed and new one installed is going to be far more cost effective than starting again with an extension or going through the expense and enormous upheaval of a loft or cellar conversion.


Unless you require extra square footage that simply cannot be achieved through a conservatory, there is little reason at this stage to consider the alternatives. - you have a conservatory, you might as well turn it into a great space.


Question 2: How else can a conservatory be improved?


Having spent good money having a conservatory installed in the first place, homeowners are often naturally reluctant to spend too much more on it.


This often leads to an initial look at some low cost options to try to make the conservatory usable. Fans can be used to help cool it (you’ve probably tried that and found it to be unsatisfactory - little difference, but added noise), conservatory blinds are another option.


However, conservatory blinds, while attractive, do very little to regulate temperature. They also aren’t cheap, coming with a four-figure price tag.


Ultimately, the only thing that can make a conservatory usable is changing the roof. If this is an option you cannot afford currently, it is better to do nothing rather than throw good money after bad, opting for a cheaper solution that is not a solution.



Question 3: Which brand of replacement conservatory roof?


This might seem a tough question for any company making the roofs to answer - surely they will recommend their own product.


Indeed, we will recommend our own product, but hear us out. There are reasons why.


The Guardian Warm Roof is the only replacement roof of its kind to have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval as standard.


Our lightweight, solid tiled roofs are in fact the reason regulations got changed to make replacement roofs permissible. Until 2010, conservatories had to have either glass or polycarbonate roofs, it was the Guardian Roof that led to this changing. We had to show that our replacement roofs could be fitted to existing structures, but also that they were worth having, that they corrected the flaws previously inherent in conservatories.


It is not our place to talk about other products, but no other replacement conservatory roof can match our pedigree.


Question 4: Which style and colour will be the best match?


Not having seen your house, this is a tricky one to answer! However, the Guardian Roof comes in a wide range of styles and thousands of subtle colours - and for the rare occasions when one of the styles isn’t quite right bespoke options are available too.


Whether it is Victorian, Gable, lean-to, Edwardian or another, there is a style to match your house. Rather than talking about styles, it is best to show images, the following links should be of use.


Replacement conservatory roof gallery


Replacement conservatory roof finishes



Question 5: What will I use the room for?


When people initially got conservatories they often just wanted some extra space, space without a specific use.


Getting the roof replaced effectively turns the room into an extension, a room that is usable all year round and one that is perfect for a variety of uses.


Giving thought to what you want to use the room for is sensible prior to having the work done as it can help inform the finish and overall look and feel.


It might be that the conservatory will become a home office, or how about a games room, or maybe a second lounge area? If it’s going to be a luxurious home cinema you’re going to want a different finish and amount of light let in compared to an office, and so too a superb lounge designed for relaxing in the summer sun.


Of course, it might still just be a wonderful versatile space - but do give it some thought.



Question 6: What are the financial implications?


We include this one just as an excuse to point out how financially beneficial it can be to have your conservatory roof replaced.


The greater thermal efficiency means there are energy bill savings to be enjoyed each and every year, research by the independent AECOM estimating these to be £200 per year on a typical property - this due to the savings on the energy bill through heating and cooling the room.


Better still, replacing your conservatory roof is work that can often add significant value to your property - usually the work will more than pay for itself. It will vary by postcode and the local housing market, but the benefits are universal; any would-be buyer is getting what is effectively a superb extension rather than a flawed conservatory space. It is space they will welcome rather than a problem inherited.


Having your conservatory roof replaced is often worth doing even if you are planning to sell in the near future.



Question 7: What to do next


As with any home improvement, you will want to do your research and consider all options.


On this site, there is a wealth of information about theGuardian Warm Roof. Please have a look round and contact us with any queries or to arrange an obligation-free quote.


Call us on 0800 0665832 or use our Contact Form.



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