Do Replacement Conservatory Roofs Work?

With most conservatories so obviously flawed – too hot in the summer, too cold in winter – many people naturally look for ways to make them more usable.

Replacement conservatory roofs have emerged as a potential solution during the past decade, but are they any good?

Does a replacement conservatory roof make your room usable, better still would it transform it into the space you always hoped the conservatory would be – the best room in the house when the sun shines?

At Guardian, we manufacture the Guardian Warm Roof, exactly the type of product you might have been considering. As such, of course we believe in the value of our roofs, but we can also talk objectively about their benefits. We can also give you some information on the regulations relating to these roofs and why you need to be careful when choosing which company to go with.

A bit of history

In fact, we'll give you that bit of history first. It used to be that conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarbonate roof – a fairly pointless choice with both being unfit for purpose.

At Guardian, we didn't profit from a change in regulation, we forced through the change in regulation. We developed our Warm Roof, put it forward for stringent testing and refined and reviewed it. Only once we had a roof that was light enough to replace the old roof, and also delivered on its key promises did those regulations get changed.

It is now possible to have a conservatory with a lightweight, solid, tiled roof – however Guardian remains the only product with full Local Area Building Control approval. Guardian is proven to work to a standard that has given it regulatory approval.

What exactly is a Guardian Roof proven to do though? It fulfils that key aim, to make the conservatory a great space in the summer. There are other benefits too, but this has to be the main one – in the summer, however hot the day, the conservatory becomes a great space in which to rest and relax; no longer is it a virtual sauna.

But a replacement conservatory roof (or one of ours at least!) has other benefits too.

They look good. With their glass roofs, most conservatories look a bit like a bolt-on to the rest of the house, however a Guardian Roof will blend in. Our roofs come in a range of styles and subtle colours – and one of the styles is bespoke to cover those rare occasions when a standard option doesn't quite match.

You can see examples of our roofs and the full range of styles by following this link.

Long term, the roofs can also make financial sense too. Independent research found the average annual savings on energy bills to be around £200 – that is money off the heating bill in winter, conservatories being traditionally very hard to heat.

The work can also pay for itself – and often more besides – should you ever look to sell the house. Most would-be buyers see a conservatory for what it is, a flawed space and so it won't add value to the property. However, if that conservatory has been turned into what is essentially a quality extension then that adds real value.

With a Guardian Warm Roof you are looking at just three days' work, three days to remove the old roof and install the new – including the beautiful internal finish and features such as spotlights and sky lights – after all, you want the room to remain sunny.

To find out more about our roofs, please give us a call on 0800 0665832 and have a good look round the site. We love chatting replacement conservatory roofs!

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