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Replacement Conservatory Roofs In Numbers

At Guardian Roofs, we are convinced that any conservatory can be turned into a great space simply by removing the old, glass roof and installing a  lightweight solid, tiled replacement.

But rather than write loads of words (which we have done elsewhere) we thought why not make the point with a series of numbers.

So, with that in mind, here goes.

Minus – These will be a thing of the past; no longer will the conservatory be impossible to heat in the winter, the thermometer dipping below zero unless you’re willing to pay a fortune on heating bills. The Guardian replacement roof is far more efficient and keeping in any heat; yet also keeping the conservatory cooler in the summer.


0 –  The number of days you’ll think ‘I can’t go in the conservatory today!’. That is the reason we developed these roofs, so that a conservatory can be transformed into a space which is great all year round.


1 – The number of companies who make a Local Area Building Control approved replacement conservatory roof. That’s us by the way! If you want to replace the glass roof with a solid, tiled replacement then we are the company who are backed by regulators; the company that has proven the quality of its product.


2 – The number of regrets you’ll have on upgrading your roof – those being ‘why didn’t I do it sooner’ and ‘why did we get a glass roof conservatory in the first place’


3 – It typically only takes three days to remove the existing glass or polycarbonate roof and replace it with one of our solid, tiled replacement roofs. Of course, all mess is removed, you are just left with a conservatory which is now fit for purpose. We are not aware of other home imporvements which have so profound an effect in so short a period of time.


5 – There are five different roof finishes for both slate and shingle – so that’s 10 roof finishes really. You can see them by following this link; as you’ll see there is a subtle colour to blend in with every type of property.


6 – There are six different Guardian Roof designs – ranging from Victorian to Lean-to. Oh one of the six is bespoke, we can design a roof to work with any other type of property. Really, then, the six is infinite – whatever style of house you have, whatever roof colour we can find a perfect match. That’s a big improvement from having a glass roof! You can see the styles by following this link.


7 – The number of years it’s been possible to get a conservatory roof in something other than glass or polycarb. Until 2010, these two materials were the only ones approved for use, it was thanks to Guardian’s work in developing a lightweight alternative with clear benefits that the legislation was changed.


10 –  The typical length of guarantee in years.


13 – the number of weekends in June, July and August. These used to be unlucky for the conservatory owner who found that the room which should be the perfect sun trap instead became the perfect sauna.



18 – Well, 0.18 actually. The U value of the roofs; this highlighting how thermo efficient they are. This is why they are able to keep the room within a pleasant range in the summer, yet also avoid so much heat loss in winter.


22 – The number of independent manufacturers. These are the local companies who will build and then install your roof. If you need to find an installer, or just want more information please give us a call or fill out the form on site.


22 – The sort of enjoyable temperature your room will now be


35 –  The sort of awful temperature it was previously!


200 – The typical annual saving, in pounds, on your energy after upgrading your conservatory roof. That’s according to independent research by AECOM. With energy prices only going one way, these savings will grow further still.


000s – the value you will add to your property. Of course it varies by postcode and property, but often the work more than pays for itself should you ever look to move. Rather than having an unusable conservatory, the new owner has what is effectively a great extension. This is something they are willing to pay extra for.


20,000 – Across the UK, Guardian installers have fitted more than 20,000 replacement roofs. The conservatory revolution is happening!