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Replacement Conservatory Roof Wirral


Getting a replacement conservatory roof for your Wirral home will massively improve the appearance of your property –  and save you money.


And, in addition to saving you money, it could enable you to get more cash should you decide to sell your house.


That’s as long as your replacement conservatory roof comes from Team Guardian – the official, LABC approved supplier of the tiled conservatory roof – the Guardian Warm Roof.


Find out how you can enhance your Wirral home with a replacement conservatory roof today by dialling 0800 066 5832 or requesting a quick quote from us online.


Key Benefits of Conservatory Roof Replacement


  1. Save money


Replacing the conservatory roof at your Wirral home with a Guardian Warm Roof may seem like a large expense, but you will be saving money in the long run.


You will notice that energy bills will be lower due to the enhanced insulation properties of a solid conservatory roof.


The high-tech insulation built into the roofs helps to keep conservatories at optimal temperatures.


You certainly won’t have to run up high power bills heating the conservatory in the cold season like conventional glass or polycarb conservatories. That’s why the a Guardian Conservatory can be easily used all year round.


You will also see the true value of your tiled replacement conservatory roof should you sell your Wirral house  – a conservatory that resembles an extension will more than likely command a better price.


  1. Improved Conservatory Appearance


House roofs are tiled, yet conventional conservatories have a glass or polycarbonate roof.


It doesn’t take a genius to realise these two items don’t blend in.


Obviously, a tiled conservatory roof blend in better with your own roof.


Especially when the Guardian Warm Roof also comes in a range of stylish finishes, including slate, along with being able to choose from a range of conservatory roof styles.


There’s also the opportunity to improve the interior by, for example, garnishing it with lovely light fixtures.


Take a look at our Guardian Roof gallery for more ideas.


  1. Approved and Guaranteed Conservatories 

Each member of our UK-wide network of official Guardian Roof installers offers sizeable guarantees with the installation of a tiled conservatory roof.


And, the Guardian Warm Roof is fully LABC approved meaning no building regulation hold-ups.


This is a massive bonus, as a Guardian Roof makes your Wirral conservatory usable throughout the year so you can turn it into an extension of your living room or even a dining room of its own.


You could even make it a tranquil home office; the options for your conservatory are now virtually limitless.


Call us on 0800 066 5832 to transform your Wirral conservatory or ask us for a quick quote.