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Replacement Conservatory Roof Suffolk




Anyone with a conservatory in Suffolk can reap huge benefits from replacing its conservatory roof.

After many years of lobbying, you can now convert your Suffolk conservatory roof to a solid, tiled conservatory.

The Guardian Roof is LABC approved which prevents planning problems when undertaking your conservatory roof conversion.

This means for a one-off investment you can convert your conservatory into what is effectively an extension.

This represent a revolution in the home improvement market, transforming a former sunroom into an all year round room.

But this isn’t the only major benefit that comes from conservatory roof replacement.

Your property will look loads better, as a tiled conservatory roof can match your existing roof tiles rather than looking like a glass/polycarb bolt-on to the house.

And, we’ve also been getting reports that having a tiled conservatory is positively effecting house valuations .

Finally, there’s the added energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions that come with improved insulation.

Combined, these are compelling benefits to make the change to a tiled conservatory roof at your Suffolk home.

We have a nationwide network of approved, official – beware imitations – Guardian Roof installers.

Locate the nearest approved Guardian Roof installer in Suffolk by clicking the ‘find an installer’ tab at the top of this page. 


Please download our Guardian Roofs brochure and call us on 0800 066 5832 any information you need about replacing your conservatory roof in Suffolk.


Guardian Conservatory Roofs Suffolk – Key Information

We appreciate that making any sort of financial investment needs to be taken cautiouslyand with all the facts at the fingertips.

Please take the time to explore the site, especially the blue links below to get more insight about Guardian Roofs, and you can get a free quote if you’re curious about price by clicking a tab at the top of this page.


Key Benefits: Replacing your conservatory roof will allow your conservatory to be used every day, making it potentially the best room in the property. This is thanks to a soundproofed, fully insulated Guardian Warm Roof. It effectively resembles an extension, adding value in many ways to your property


Stylish: The Guardian Conservatory Roof comes in many aesthetically appealing styles, such as Victorian and Edwardian. You can select the conservatory roof that is perfect for your Suffolk property or order a bespoke solid roof.


Finishes: You can also select from a wide range of tiling finishes and colours, plus a number of interior finishes such as flooring, which all contribute to improving the enjoyment of your new conservatory


Energy Efficient: Guardian Roofs are tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards.  This guarantees energy bill savings. To comply with regulations all Guardian roofs are thermally insulated to a maximum U-value of 0.18 W/m²K.

Get a free quote from this site or call us today 0800 066 5832 for more information on changing your conservatory roof in Suffolk.