Replacement Conservatory Roof Stratford

A replacement conservatory roof in Stratford will make your conservatory usable all year round, while also improving the look of the house AND adding value to the property.

When you opt for the market-leading Guardian Warm Roof as the replacement to the glass or polycarbonate existing roof, you will transform a flawed space into one that is superb in any season, whatever the weather.

This roof offers many style options to choose from over and above the usual glass or polycarbonate roof. Approved Guardian installers also offer chic interior finishing to go with your new roof.

Aesthetics aside, the Guardian Warm roof allows you to comfortably make use of your conservatory throughout the year. You can kick back with friends in your conservatory even in the middle of summer as this roof built to be thermally efficient.Replacement Conservatory Roof Stratford

Apart from the level of comfort you will enjoy throughout the year, this thermal efficiency will save you plenty in energy bills - an estimated £200 per year according to independent research by AECOM.

Quick, hassle-free installation is the icing on the cake for anyone who opts for a replacement conservatory roof from Guardian in Stratford - typically it takes just three days to remove and recycle the old roof and install the new.

It is also worth noting that with the Guardian Warm Roof you also have complete peace of mind. As well as always coming with a lengthy guarantee, this is a roof with full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval as well as LABSS approval. No other similar roof can boast this level of regulatory approval.

To find out more, call  0800 0665832 to get more info on the benefits of the Guardian Warm roof. Alternatively, enter your location here and we’ll help you find the nearest Stratford installer.

Why Opt For A Guardian Conservatory Roof?

Year-round comfort: You can finally revel in the cosiness of your conservatory even in the chilliest winter, thanks to this roof. Using the Kingspan TEK Building System, the Guardian roof offers superb insulation without adding much to the thickness of the roof. This means warm air doesn’t escape when it gets cold and the room stays pleasantly cool when it’s hot outside.

Easy installation: Since the bulk of the construction of the roof is done off-site, installing the roof takes just a few days. Team Guardian installers are quick and thorough, delivering your new roof with a high level of professionalism. Opting for Guardian will also save you the hassle of seeking approval form the Local Area Building Control.

Stylish: If your Stratford house drips with Victorian charm, a Guardian replacement conservatory roof can help accentuate this theme. Should you have a classic Edwardian theme going, this roof will enable you to keep it going in an elegant way. Check out the range of exterior and interior finishes available.

Find a qualified Guardian roof installer near you or call 0800 0665832 to discover out how you can get your project started.

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