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Practical Uses For Your Conservatory

The development of solid, lightweight tiled conservatory roofs has made conservatories hugely popular once more, turning what was a flawed space into what is effectively a superb extension on a budget.

The development also means that a space once widely considered just a summer room (even if it turned out to be too hot in summer) now has a wealth of potential uses.

Here we look at five uses for conservatories with the Guardian Warm Roof.

  1. A second lounge.

The lounge is often the best room in the house. It’s relaxing, it has all your home comforts whether that is books to read, a selection of vinyl records or a huge flat screen TV and it’s an escape from the outside world.

The one problem with the lounge is that it’s so good everyone wants to be in there. On a typical evening, that might be the whole family, at other times it might be guests too.

Using a conservatory as a second lounge creates a second relaxing area. People can spread out, it might be that in one lounge there is sport or a film on TV, the second lounge becoming a quieter zone for reading or chatting. Alternatively, the kids could be in one lounge, the adults in the other.

Two lounges are better than one…


  1. A Games Room

Speaking of the kids, a games room can be a wonderful addition. Games could be in the form of bar sports like pool, table football or table tennis, games could also be of the electronic variety – a modern console, screen and gaming chair.

A games room is one of those rooms a lot of people would love to have, few can justify as the space is needed for more practical reasons. Using a conservatory in this way create a fun space that does not come at the expense of other requirements.


  1. A cinema room.

Movie buffs can use a conservatory as a truly wonderful space. Buy a decent quality projector, hook up a blu ray player, add in some comfy seating (and maybe a beer fridge and popcorn machine) and you bring the cinema to your own house.

You can even build a home cinema without having to pay for an expensive cinema screen – paint one wall white and you have the perfect surface on to which you can project those 4k images.


  1. A home office.

People who work from home either full-time or on  regular basis require some form of home office and yet often it is an imperfect solution, using a bedroom or even the lounge as work space.

Without a dedicated space, work impinges on the rest of the house, perhaps making the spare bedroom messy or taking up a corner of the lounge.

Work itself can also be compromised, it is not easy to concentrate when you’re working in the lounge while others are watching TV…

Using a conservatory as a home office gives you the space you need to be professional in your work life while also freeing up other space to be used as it was intended.


  1. Kitchen extension

Extensions are one of the most popular home improvements but they are also expensive. Conservatories used to be the poor cousin of extensions but with the development of solid, tiled conservatory roofs they have effectively become extensions, giving all the same benefits but at a reduced price.

It is possible to use a conservatory for almost any use you could find for a single-storey extension. Adding space on to the kitchen, making it another family room rather than just somewhere to prep food is a hugely popular use.


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