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Do Conservatories Have to Have Glass Roofs

Do conservatories have to have glass roofs – there’s a very quick answer to this but then a bit of explanation is required.

The answer is no, conservatories don’t have to have a glass roof. They also don’t have to have one of those polycarbonate roofs.

However, that then begs another question. If conservatories don’t have to have either glass or polycarb roofs then why do most of them have exactly those roofs?

Why do most conservatories have roofs which are so clearly unfit for purpose?

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Conservatories with glass roofs – the flaws are well known

You probably know the flaws with those types of roofs, those flaws might be why you chose to check whether conservatories were limited in their roof types.

With a glass or polycarb roof, a conservatory will be too hot in the summer and almost impossible to keep warm in winter. We’d suggest there really isn’t much point getting a conservatory with a glass or polycarb roof – you’ll be throwing money away on a room which is only useful as expensive extra storage.

Thankfully though, you can actually get a conservatory with a lightweight solid, tiled roof.

These roofs can either be fitted retrospectively on to existing conservatories, or installed as the roof on a new-build conservatory.

If it’s the former, fitting on to an existing conservatory, it’s a simple task. It typically takes just three days – the old roof is removed and recycled, the new roof installed and the conservatory is transformed.

Of course adding to a new build conservatory is even easier as there is no old roof to remove.

Are the new conservatory roofs much better than glass?

Are these roofs really so much better, though?

We believe so, customers believe so – as the testimonials and reviews testify too – and regulators think so as well.

Up until 2010 conservatories did have to have either glass or polycarb roofs; that only changed thanks to our work at Guardian, our belief that there had to be a better alternative – an alternative that actually worked!

We worked to build a lightweight alternative that could fit on to existing conservatories, yet would keep the room cool in summer, while helping retain warmth in winter.

And in 2010, regulations were changed to allow roofs other than glass or polycarb. This though means our roofs, the Guardian Roof, as it is the only roof of its kind to have full Local Area Building Control approval.

Without wishing to be glib, anyone wanting a conservatory now has three roofs options. Glass, polycarbonate or the one which actually leaves the room a great space, makes it an enjoyable place to, the Guardian Warm Roof.

A lightweight, solid, tiled roof has other advantages too. It can come in a range of colours and styles, so a conservatory no longer need look like a bolt on to the rest of the house! It can become a sympathetic extension, something to blend in beautifully with your property.

The Guardian Roof can also help the home owner save money – compared to a glass conservatory roof, energy bills are likely to be around £200 less per year according to independent research. You can find further details in our full brochure, available to download from this link. 

Better still, should you ever look to sell, the work often pays for itself and more besides. Would-be buyers are willing to pay for what is effectively a great extension, whereas a glass-roofed conservatory tends to be seen as simply being unusable space which would be better as garden.

And so to go back to the original question – do conservatories have to have glass roofs? Thankfully not!

In fact, conservatories should never have a glass roof. Chose to not have a conservatory, choose to have an extension instead, choose a solid, tiled conservatory roof, or choose spending the money on a holiday. But don’t choose a glass roof!

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With a Guardian Warm Roof, you transform your conservatory into a great space, a room that looks great both inside and out. You can also buy in confidence – both knowing that there is LABC approval; also that the work will only take a few days.

If you would like further details, a chat about your requirements, or would like a quote please get in touch by calling us on 0800 066 5832.