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Three Days To Transform Your Conservatory

At Guardian Warm Roof we make a big claim – we can transform a conservatory in three days, turning it from a flawed space into the best room in the house when the sun shines.

How do we do it though, and what exactly happens?

All you need to do is hit play on the video below. It’s less than five minutes long and it shows you the tried-and-tested process our skilled installers use every time.

The video also shows you what your enhanced conservatory will look like inside and out, while answering common queries – such as how long the tiles are guaranteed for and how our system works to remove condensation.

It also tackles some concerns people often have, for example if you’re going to replace a glass roof with a solid, tiled roof, won’t that add weight and potentially damage the structure (the answer is no, the solid, tiled roof actually weights less than the glass it replaces)

So, hopefully you’ve watched the video now! If you would like any more information, please get in touch – you can call us on 0800 0665832 or visit this page to drop us a mail or to use the contact-us form.

Alternatively, you might just want a quick quote. We fully appreciate that it’s often useful to get a quote simply to get a sense for whether a home improvement might be worth considering in the next year or two.

You can request a quick quote by hitting the quote link in the menu from any page and entering a few details, we’ll then give you the quote you need without resorting to any hard sell. We want people to make a decision in their own time, free of pressure and having reviewed all the information.

However, there is one financial implication worth considering – in many cases the work to change your conservatory roof actually ends up paying for itself as it adds value to the property.

For any would-be buyer, they are effectively getting a great extension rather than a flawed conservatory, a change which can add many thousands to the value of the property. Of course, this can vary by postcode and property so it is always worth having a chat with an estate agent.

In any case, for most people the main motivation is to turn the conservatory into a usable space rather than the more long-term ambition to add value. Our roofs deliver on that, while also giving peace of mind – they are the only roof of their type to have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval.

However, we are getting into the realms of writing too much here!

We wanted simply to get one message across – we can, if you want, transform your conservatory within three days. The video shows just how we do it – as we’re sure you know by now having watched it. Right?!