Should I knock down my conservatory?

Before - Conservatory with polycarbonate roof, unusable as an office

Are you despairing of your conservatory and wondering if the best option is to rip it up and start again (or just enjoy a larger garden).

Well, it's an option, and perhaps one not entirely without merit!

After all, what is the point of a room which is unfit to be used as a room. Most conservatories are too hot to be used in the summer and nigh on impossible to keep warm in the winter. That leaves the spring and autumn – as long as it's not a hot or cold day.

So, you have a room which was meant to be the perfect place in which you could relax and lap up the summer Sun, instead it's perhaps only usable as expensive extra storage. You can't even sit the cat in there when it's being annoying because it's too hot for the poor thing.

Then there's also the look of it. Do you glance at it and wonder why the glass roof seemed like a good idea? A glass roof doesn't blend in with the rest of the house, in fact conservatories can have a tendency to look like a bit of a bolt on.

If you do feel the conservatory is nothing but problems, then getting rid of it might make sense.

It might seem like a waste of money, especially if you paid for it rather than just acquiring it when buying the property. However, life is too short to hang on to something which brings you no pleasure (our advice extends only to conservatories, we don't claim to be life coaches!)

There is, though, another option. One we strongly recommend.

Another Way - Turn Your Conservatory into an Extension

After - Conservatory roof replaced with a Guardian Warm Roof, now perfect for any indoor use

You can turn your conservatory into what is effectively a great extension – and it's a simple job to do.

That probably sounds a tad far fetched, how can you easily turn a conservatory into an extension? Simple, you just take off the old roof and replace it with a lightweight solid, tiled roof designed to blend in with the rest of the property.

Those roofs are precisely what we offer at Guardian Roof, why though should you take our word for it? After all, it is our product so clearly we benefit from selling it.

The reason is that they are proven to deliver on their promise, that they do make the conservatory a great space to enjoy all year round.

Until 2010, conservatory roofs had to be either glass or polycarbonate, the only reason this changed is because we developed a product which could be shown to be an enhancement. That is why only the Guardian Roof has Local Area Building Control approval; that means that if you are interested in the option of changing roof, ours is the only product you can buy with any confidence.

With a Guardian Roof, there are numerous benefits, namely:

  • It transforms the conservatory into a room which is great to use all year round
  • The roofs come in a range of styles and subtle colours. You can check the out here, there is a style to match every type of home
  • This effectively turns an unloved conservatory into a superb extension
  • The work typically takes just three days to complete! In less than a week the old roof can be gone, a new one in its place – goodbye unusable space, hello great extra room
  • You will save money on energy bills. Independent research by AECOM found that on a typical property with a conservatory, the energy bill savings would be around £200 per year
  • And if you ever look to sell, the work often pays for itself and more besides. Whereas a conservatory is not an enhancement would-be buyers are likely to value, one turned into an extension is.

You can find out much more about the Guardian Roof by having a look at our brochure.

And if you have any queries or are interested in a quote, please do get in touch today on 0800 066 5832.

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