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Should I Get a Conservatory

As your family grows, your home needs to grow with them. Of course, you could move, but who enjoys that? What a hassle!

If you want to stay put, and need more space, you have a few options. You could of course consider an extension. Single or double storey, you could need planning permission and you will definitely require a lot of money.

Extensions are not cheap, and they are not easy. Living without a kitchen, or a bathroom, or a bedroom for a considerable length of time can put a strain on any household.

So maybe a conservatory is your best option. More space, an extra room, but not as much disruption.

Plus, with modern technology and developments, the old adage of a conservatory being ‘too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter’ can be a thing of the past.

So what should you do next?

First, get a quote. Or more. It is recommended to get at least three quotes for the work you want doing. A reputable firm will be able to advise on size, space, light and heating requirements for your new conservatory, as well as the best location for it.

Make sure you are clear what you want from your new space. Is it a dining room? A play room? Plan it badly and you could end up with a very expensive hallway between your home and garden.

Which materials would you like the conservatory to be built from? Brick walls? What sort of roof? That last question is key, the roof chosen will have a profound effect on how usable your conservatory turns out to be.

At Guardian we do not use a glazed or plastic conservatory roof, but a more traditional, tiled roof which can effectively transform a conservatory into a proper, usable extension.

What are the benefits? Well every room is different but our Warm Roof system is fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards.

Our roofs comprise of a pre-engineered lightweight frame, two layers of insulation board and a vapour membrane for the very best in climate management.

Quite simply it solves the traditional conservatory problems by keeping warm air out in the summer and keeping it in in the winter!

With a Guardian Warm Roof your conservatory can be a family dining room or kitchen extension, a playroom, library, home study or office, games room, TV lounge, it could even be a ground floor bedroom. All of a sudden it’s a full-time living area instead of being a part-time compromise.

You can call us on 0800 0665832 or email us at info@guardianbuildingsystems.co.uk now for more information.

If you are having a conservatory built, you are unlikely to need planning permission, unlike an extension.

But you may do if your home is in a conservation area, national park or area of outstanding natural beauty – lucky you! – or if your home has already been extended in the past.

If you do need permission, remember to add extra time and money to your budget.

Should you get a new conservatory? Only you can answer that. But do your research, get your quotes, and consult an estate agent too. Remember that the cost of the conservatory is likely to be reflected in the value of your home.