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Replacement Conservatory Roofs Solihull


You may have been thinking of replacing your conservatory roof with a solid, tiled Guardian roof but don’t know a reliable supplier in the Solihul area.


We at Guardian Roofs UK understand how important it is to get the right partner for your conservatory conversion and also how difficult it is to find one.


But we guarantee you can trust us to provide you with a beautiful replacement conservatory roof that will suit your Solihull home. There is a range of Guardian roofing styles to choose from, along with tiles to match your roof.


We also install Guardian roofs quickly and offer you excellent customer service along the way.


We are after all the pioneers of the innovative and renowned Guardian Roof.


 Get in touch with us today on 0800 066 5832 to find out more about how a replacement Guardian conservatory roof can improve your Solihull home for years to come.


Benefits of a Guardian Roof


Year-round comfort: Tiled conservatory roofs are increasingly popular in Solihull and around the UK as they are engineered to maintain pleasant conditions in your conservatory all year round. This is thanks to two layers of insulated plasterboard in the roof.  You no longer need to worry about freezing in the winter.  And their pre-engineered lightweight frame and vapor membrane mean that they will keep your conservatory cool during the warm season.


Cost savings: When you opt for our Guardian conservatory roofs in Solihull you will be in for massive savings. For one, you will not have to replace your walls, windows or doors with the new roof. Secondly the roofs are engineered to offer you incredible energy savings in the long run.


For more information on the benefits of our Guardian conservatory roofs and how you can get yours, call 0800 066 5832