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Replacement Conservatory Roof St Albans

A solid replacement conservatory roof for your St Albans conservatory will allow you to enjoy the comfort of your conservatory all the year round: at the height of summer and the coldest of winters.

It will also significantly enhance the aesthetics of your house by blending in with your own roof tiles, which should also help with your home’s market value.

Installation of the new conservatory roof will be quick and you won’t have to bother with seeking regulatory approval, as we pioneered LABC approval for tiled replacement conservatory roofs.

You will also, in addition to your new-look home, lower energy bills due to the enhanced insulation efficiency of solid conservatory roofs.

Find out more about how a replacement conservatory can transform your St Albans by messaging us or calling us on 0800 065 0665832.



Conservatory Roof Replacement St Albans: Key Benefits

Let’s look into why a conservatory roof conversion is a great idea both now and for the future.

Cut energy bills with your new conservatory roof

For anyone sensible with their money: who doesn’t want to hear about savings? Well with a replacement conservatory roof over your home in St Albans, you will find yourself spending less on energy bills in the long term. The inbuilt energy efficiency of Guardian warm roofs means that you need less power to run your air conditioner and central heating.


energy efficient conservatory roof 1 Choice of tile finishes

2 Membrane

3 Exterior grade plywood

4 25mm high performance insulation

5 40mm high performance insulation

6 Timber battens

7 72mm high performance insulated plasterboards

8 Rafter


Stress-free LABC approved conservatory roofs

Guardian roofs were the first to receive approval from the Local Area Building Council (LABC) in the UK for converting conventional glass or polycarb conservatory roofs to tiled ones. Your newly installed conservatory roof will come LABC-approved so there is no need to worry about getting this done on your own. The installation process itself is quick and easy with the help of a certified Guardian roof installer. In just a few days you will enjoy your remade conservatory.

Durable Conservatory Roofs

Your new Guardian roof will also come with a fully backed 10-year guarantee so you can be sure it will serve you for a long time. The fact that you won’t have to repair or replace anything for many years is another way this roof will save you money.

Proven performance

You need not take our word for it. Many satisfied St Albans homeowners can attest to the qualities of their Guardian replacement conservatory roofs. Check out some reviews in this independent report.

Drop us a line on 0800 065 0665832 or email us to get your new look home going. We have a team of approved UK installers across the including close to St Albans