Replacement Conservatory Roof Sheffield

Replace the conservatory roof at your Sheffield home today and turn your conservatory into the sunroom of your dreams!

Guardian Roof is the foremost UK manufacturers of solid, tiled conservatory roofs in that have LABC approval. They have nationwide network of installers, including in Sheffield. Find your nearest installer by simply click the find installer tab at the top of this page.

Guardian Roof have rightly been hailed as starting a revolution in home improvement by gaining approval for a replacement tiled conservatory roof.

This transforms a conservatory that tends to be too chilly in the winter and too balmy in the summer into one that is temperate at any time of the year.

A conservatory roof replacement will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Sheffield home, from the interior to the exterior, all the while adding value to your house!

These three key benefits, among many more, are perfect reasons to get in touch with Guardian Roof today on 0800 066 5832.

Many Styles of Guardian Roof for Your Sheffield Conservatory


Polycarbonate and glass are usually used in conservatory roofing but have been found wanting on many an occasions by homeowners.

As you no doubt noticed, builders do not use these for house roofing, so why should they be used on your conservatory?

A solid, tiled conservatory roof replacement is what you need, nay, deserve, for the sunroom of your desires.

An array of Guardian Roof styles and finishes is available with Guardian replacement conservatory roofs, befitting any home in Sheffield. They cover Gable, Lean-To, Victorian and many more. Check out our gallery of Guardian Conservatory Roofs  here.

There are also financial benefits to replacing your Sheffield conservatory roof.

You can reduce your utility bills drastically, as heating and cooling duties are taken over by your guardian roof, which regulates temperatures in your conservatory.

And your replacement Guardian conservatory roof adds value to your overall home as a sunny and relaxing annexe.

For a discussion on how we can transform your home by replacing your conservatory roof, call us right away on 0800 066 5832 today or simply find an installer and get cracking.

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