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Replacement Conservatory Roof Manchester

Replacing your conservatory roof at your Manchester home with a solid, tiled Guardian Conservatory Roof will revolutionise the use and appearance of your conservatory.

No longer will your Manchester conservatory be a room rarely used due to the inclement weather; instead it will be transformed into an all year round space.

Being the provider of the official Guardian Roof in the UK, you are guaranteed all the benefits that come with the only LABC approved tiled, guardian conservatory roof.

Guardian Roofs boast three main, great benefits: value addition, great looks and the turning of your conservatory into a temperature controlled oasis; neither too cold nor too hot, just right!

 Contact us today for a quote or more information on Guardian Roofs by calling 0800 066 5832 and find your Manchester installer by clicking the ‘find an installer’ tab at the top of this page.

Polycarbonate and glass have been the preferred typical conservatory roof materials but are simply not up to the task, a point illustrated by the fact that neither one is typical as roofing for the rest of the home.

Converting your Manchester home’s conservatory roof to a tiled or solid roof renovates the room into one that actually matches the roof of your Manchester home, especially as Guardian Roofs come with a range of tiling options.

Guardian Roofs equals peace of mind

In so much as there are other types of roofing, Guardian roofs have the full approval of the LABC (Local Area Building Control), which offers Manchester residents peace of mind.

Speaking of the scale of the job and its costs, replacing your conservatory roof is done by utilising existing conservatory structures, which minimises upheaval and cost.

Typically, the entire process takes about three days, which involves the removal of the current roof and installation of the newer tiled solid roof, with as much recycling of materials as possible, to minimise waste.

Our numerous testimonials speak to our experience in replacing guardian roofs, as our approach is systematic and methodical, using only the best personnel.

Guardian roofs are available in a wide array of styles to suit any Manchester homeowners’ needs.

These include Gable, Lean-To and Victorian, to name a few.

A wide colour selection is also at hand, to complement your home’s exterior hues.

The interior of your conservatory roof is not left out either, as our styles page illustrates.

For more information call us on 0800 066 5832 or get a commitment-free quote on a conservatory roof replacment in Manchester by using the ‘Get a Quote’ tab at the top of this page