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Replacement Conservatory Roof

Firstly, you have our sympathies – if you are looking for a replacement conservatory roof in Lincoln then it is safe to assume you are blighted by a conservatory roof which is unfit for purpose.
At Guardian Roofs we know the problem only too well, indeed it’s why we created the market leading Guardian Warm Roof replacement conservatory roof system, transforming conservatories in Lincoln and beyond.
Our product is a solid, tiled replacement roof, the key benefit being that, unlike a glass or polycarbonate roof, it is superb at keeping the temperature within a pleasant range.
Upgrade to a Guardian Roof and the conservatory becomes not just usable, but a great place to be in all year round. In summer it becomes what it always should have been, the best room in the house.
To find out more, or if you have any queries or would like to arrange a quote from an approved local installer in Lincoln please give us a call on 0800 066 5832.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Lincoln –
Key Information

Pleasant all year round. We know the problem only too well – it’s why you searched for replacement conservatory roof Lincoln. In short, glass or polycarbonate roofs are unfit for purpose, both leave the room a virtual sauna in the summer and too expensive to heat in winter. The Guardian Roof changes all that, it’s a solid, tiled roof which naturally keeps the temperature pleasant, yet it’s lightweight and easily fitted – and doesn’t stop the conservatory being a light and airy room.
Buy with peace of mind – Guardian Roofs are the only replacement conservatory roof in Lincoln or beyond to have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval. Until 2010, conservatory roofs had to be either glass or polycarbonate, it was only thanks to the work of Guardian, proving the quality of our product, that regulations were changed.
With Guardian you of course also get lengthy guarantees.
Limited upheaval – We cannot think of another home improvement which has so major an effect with so little upheaval. Typically, the work only takes three days, during which the old roof is removed and recycled and the new roof installed.
Local, approved installers. To find your nearest installer, just ring our helpful team today on 0800 066 5832.

Loved by customers – There is of course no better recommendation than word of mouth recommendation. Please have a look at what previous customers have said in our online testimonials page.
Great looking roofs –  We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here, but most conservatory roofs aren’t the prettiest are they? With Guardian Roofs, rather than being stuck with either glass or polycarbonate, you can choose from a full range of styles. Have a look at the full range here.
Energy bill savings – One great benefit of Guardian Roofs is that there energy efficiency means the boiler has to be on much less in winter and this equates to energy bill savings. According to the independent AECOM, these come to about £200 per year on a typical property.
Long-term financial benefits – If you look to sell, the work in having a Guardian replacement conservatory roof installed in Lincoln is likely to have paid for itself and often more besides. This is because would-be buyers are essentially getting a great extension rather than a flawed conservatory.
You might still have a lot of questions though! Give us a call on 0800 066 5832 so we can discuss your individual needs and answer any queries.