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Replacement Conservatory Roof Isle of Wight


A replacement conservatory roof will transform your Isle of Wight conservatory into the best room in your house – and add value to your property.

The solid, tiled, Guardian Warm Roof system has been called a revolution in the home improvement market because it provides a massive upgrade on existing glass/polycarb conservatories.

Previously, a conservatory was somewhere to relax on our British summer’s all to infrequent warm days. And the conservatory never looked part of the house being essentially a glass and polycarb bolt-on.

This was entirely due to the roof preventing adequate insulation and being able to blend in with the main property.

A tiled conservatory roof replacement at your Isle of Wight property banishes all of these problems.

Your conservatory can be used everyday and will not just be cool in the summer but also warm in the winter.

And, you can choose Guardian roof styles to match your home.

Both of these factor effectively transform your conservatory into an extension which gives you much more space at home for a one time investment.

And valuers are apparently already pricing properties higher who have taken the step to upgrade their conservatory to  solid conservatory roof.

The first solid roof to become LABC approved and thus forestall the conventional planning problems of converting your conservatory to a tiled roof is the Guardian Roof.

And we have a nationwide network of official Guardian Roof installers so even in the Isle of Wight you’re never too far from an approved Guardian Roof fitter.

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Guardian Roofs really do represent a great step forward for conservatories: they look better, they are cost effective, adding value to your property and they help you save money on energy bills.

See/download our brochure and call us on 0800 066 5832 for more information on replacing your conservatory roof in Isle of Wight.


Guardian Conservatory Roofs Isle of Wight – Key Information

Because we appreciate that converting your conservatory in the Isle of Wight to a tiled, conservatory roof comes at a cost; we want you to make an informed decision.

Please visit the blue links below to see pages on our site which give more in-depth details about replacing your conservatory roof.

Key Benefits: There are huge benefits to be had from switching your conservatory to a solid one, but the the overarching benefit is transforming a seasonal sun-room into a daily use room. This is due to the superior insulation offered by a Guardian Roof.

Stylish: The Guardian Roof comes in a range of compelling styles, such as Victorian and Edwardian styles. You can choose the conservatory roof that is right for your Isle of Wight property or request a bespoke Guardian Roof.

Finishes: When you can use your conservatory everyday it makes sense to make it more comfortable and more visually appealing. Externally, you can take advantage of many tiling options covering material used and colouring. While inside your conservatory, you can have a host of internal finishes from windows and doors to wooden flooring.

Energy Efficient: Our Guardian Warm Roof system is tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards, making your conservatory an ideal all-year round room.  It also means you will make savings on your energy bills. To comply with regulations all Guardian roofs are thermally insulated to a maximum U-value of 0.18 W/m²K.


Get a free quote from this site or call us today 0800 066 5832 for more information on changing your Isle of Wight conservatory roof.