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Replacement Conservatory Roof

A replacement conservatory roof is a home improvement with limited upheaval but huge benefits for your Exeter home.
This is an improvement which tackles an all-too-common problem. Typical conservatories are poor at regulating temperature, they look a tad dated especially externally and they cost a fortune to heat in the winter.
Guardian solid, tiled replacement conservatory roofs, available in Exeter, tackle all these issues, while also being a product with full LABC approval.
Below, we have provided links to key information about our replacement conservatory roofs in Exeter and also further details of the key benefits.
But we would also be happy to answer any queries – get in touch online or by phoning 0800 066 5832.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Exeter –
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Testimonials – what others say about Guardian Roofs
Roof styles – the full range of Guardian replacement conservatory roofs in Exeter
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On the site and in the pages linked to above there is a wealth of information about Guardian’s replacement conservatory roofs.
With Guardian you get a roof which:

Makes the conservatory usable – Upgrade to one of our solid, tiled replacement roofs and your Exeter conservatory will become THE room to be in during the summer. No longer will it be too hot, instead you will just have a pleasant sun trap – the room you always thought you would have.
Is installed with limited upheaval. Typically the work takes only three days and is carried out by experienced, professional and courteous installers. You needn’t have a single weekend affected!
Offers complete peace of mind. If you do choose a replacement conservatory roof please ensure whichever Extere company you choose has full Local Area Building Control approval. With Guardian you get not only this but also a lengthy guarantee – call us to find out more.

Looks great – whereas most conservatories look, dare we say it, like a bolt on to the house, our roofs come in a range of styles which ensures the conservatory will now blend into the rest of the property. The work not only makes the conservatory usable, it turns the conservatory into a sympathetic extension.
Is proven to work – read the testimonials on this site to see what others have made of the change. The Guardian Roof is a replacement conservatory roof which delivers on its promises.
Makes financial sense. Upgrade and there are two financial benefits – both short term and long. In the short term, there will be energy bill savings to be enjoyed each and every year, estimated at around £200 a year on a typical property according to the independent AECOM. These savings are because the greater thermo efficiency means the boiler can be on significantly less.
And if you ever look to sell the work is likely to have paid for itself and often significantly more. This is because in a housing market such as Exeter’s our replacement conservatory roofs are an upgrade people are willing to pay for. From a buyer’s point of view you are getting a great extension rather than an unusable conservatory.
The Guardian Replacement Conservatory Roof is a product with a host of benefits for the Exeter homeowner. Please have a look round the site and get in touch online or by phoning 0800 066 5832.