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Replacement Conservatory Roof Cambridge

There are now compelling reasons to jettison inferior polycarb or glass conservatory roofs and upgrade to a tiled replacement conservatory roof at your Cambridge home.

Not only will a tiled Guardian conservatory roof look miles better, it is much more thermally efficient.


From being a fair-weather room, your Cambridge conservatory becomes effectively a year around extension to your home, without the costs of an extension.

You stand to make major savings on your energy bills as well as boost the value of your property.

Please make an enquiry online with this form, and we will be in touch to discuss your new replacement conservatory roof. You can call us on 0800 0665832.

How a Conservatory Roof Replacement Benefits Cambridge Customers


  1. Energy Efficient Conservatory Roof Replacement

Many of our customers have been able to turn their Cambridge homes’ conservatories into extensions of their property usable throughout the year.

That is thanks to the thermal efficiency built into Guardian conservatory roofs.

The advanced insulation design of these replacement conservatory roofs keep temperatures in the room moderate even in extreme weather. See how we improve the insulation of your Cambridge home with a conservatory roof conversion here.

  1. Value for money

 For your one-time investment you get a quality roof that will serve you for many years. The aesthetically pleasing roof will add significantly to the value of your property. Furthermore, you will find your energy bills are lower as you spend less energy heating or cooling your home.

  1. Quality Guaranteed

 Every roof we install is LABC-approved and conforms to rigorous thermal and structural standards.  Indeed, we at Guardian Roofs are the pioneers of the first tiled Guardian Roof and were the instigators of them gaining LABC approval. As the official manufacturer of Guardian Roof replacement, you get fully backed guarantees of quality for many years.

  1. Upgrade in Style for your Cambridge Conservatory

Let’s be frank.  A glass or polycarb conservatory can be many things, but attractive it is not. This is because it looks like a bolt-on to a tiled roof property.  We offer a wealth of designs to choose from such as Victorian or Gabled replacement conservatory roofs to match the style of your Cambridge home. Furthermore, we also ensure the tile finishes match too.. You can select from our wide range of tiled  finishes or talk to us about a bespoke design. We also offer classy interior finishing with our replacement conservatory roofs.

  1. Great service

 Right from the time you ask for a quote to after you have a bright new roof over your conservatory, you will enjoy professional, dedicated service. Our highly experienced installers will get your roof fitted in quickly and expertly. They will be out of your way even before you notice they were there.

Download our brochure to get more information about the features of our conservatory roofs or call us on 0800 0665832.