Replacement Conservatory Roof Bray

Convert your conservatory into a wonderful space you can inhabit comfortably all year rounds with a replacement conservatory roof in Bray from Guardian.

The reasons people look for replacement conservatory roofs are obvious – conservatories with glass or polycarbonate roofs are too hot in the summer, too cold in winter.

With a Guardian Warm Roof, these issues are no more, what was a flawed space can become a home office, or a games room, or an extra lounge space – it can be used for any purpose.

Besides being very functional in regulating room temperature, a Guardian Warm Roof will give you an elegant look ordinary glass and polycarbonate roofs cannot. You can get a tiled finish that matches the theme of the rest of your house as there are many styles to choose from. A replacement conservatory roof in Bray will come complete with LABC approval and will be installed quickly, leaving you to enjoy your new conservatory.

Get in touch with us by phone on 0800 0665832 or via this online form if you need further information. You can request a quick quote using the form on our home page.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Bray - The Benefits

Here are a few reasons why Guardian should be at the top of your list when thinking about a replacement conservatory roof in Bray:

All-year comfort: Gone will be the days when you have to desert your conservatory when it gets too hot or too cold. The high performance insulation built into Guardian roofs ensures they regulate temperatures effectively. Hot air will be kept out during summer and warm air in during winter.

Length of service: A Guardian replacement conservatory roof will keep your Bray abode effectively shielded from the elements for many years. Most installers of these roofs offer 10-year guarantees.

Variety of styles: You will have a wide variety of Edwardian and Victorian finishes to choose from for your tiled roof. In addition to these styles for the exterior, you will also a variety of interior finishes to pick from.

Stress-free installation: You don’t have to worry about getting the necessary construction approvals from the LABC as all Guardian roofs come fully approved. Until 2010, only glass or polycarb conservatory roofs were allowed; it was Guardian's work in developing the replacement roof that saw these regulations changed.

Financial benefits

The Guardian Roof is proven to save money on home owners' energy bills, independent research by AECOM finding these savings to be around £200 per year.

There can be bigger financial benefits too, if you look to sell there is a good chance the work has paid for itself and more. Would-be buyers are getting a great room rather than a flawed space, this is work they are willing to pay for.

Ask for a quick free quote and we will happily oblige to get the ball rolling. You can also give us a shout on 0800 0665832 if you prefer to speak to our agents.

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