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Replacement Conservatory Roof Bedfordshire


Replacing the conservatory roof of your Bedfordshire property for a new solid, Guardian Roof ranks as one of the best moves anyone can make.



That’s because our LABC approved Guardian conservatory roofs have been hailed as a revolution in home improvement due to the massive benefits they bring


Comparing a solid, conservatory roof to glass and polycarb roofs is a bit like comparing email to letters in the sense that you can’t believe we put up with something so inefficient for so long.


A conservatory that can’t be used all the time or doesn’t blend up with your house? banish such nonsense from your Bedforshire conservatory by installing a tiled replacement conservatory roof

And finding installers won’t be a problem.

We have a national network of Team Guardian members across the UK, so simply click the ‘find an installer’ tab at the top of this page to locate an official Guardian Roof installer near your Bedfordshire base.


As mentioned, a tiled replacement conservatory roof represents a major upgrade over  a glass or polycarb roofed conservatory


They look much better, they are much more cost effective, they add value to your home by virtue of resembling an extension and you will make savings on your energy bills.


Order our brochure or us on 0800 066 5832 for more information about replacing your conservatory roof in Beds.


Guardian Conservatory Roofs Bedfordshire – Key information

The links below offer more in-depth information about some of the sizeable benefits that come with conservatory roof conversions in Bedfordshire.

Please browse these pages so you can see how much better your conservatory will be with a solid, tiled roof.


Key Benefit:  The most obvious and brilliant benefit from replacing your conservatory roof with a solid, tiled one is that you will be able to use the conservatory at your Bedfordshire home all year round. This means your conservatory can become a key room in your house as opposed to a seasonal room.


Guardian Roof Styles:  Your conservatory will also look more attractive if you make the change to a Guardian Warm Roof.  There’s a number of roof styles to choose from, ensuing you can get a conservatory that blends in best with your Bedfordshire home rather than what resembles a glass/polycarb bolt-on


Guardian Roof Finishes:  The attractiveness of the Guardian Roof gets enhanced by some of the finishes available in terms of tiles and interiors. You can see in this section the numerous options available to you

Energy Efficient: The Guardian Warm Roof System is tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards.  The roof captures and maintains the heat in winter and lets the warm air out in summer making your conservatory a perfect all-year round room.  To comply with regulations all Guardian roofs are thermally insulated to a maximum U-value of 0.18 W/m²K.


Get a free quote from this site or talk to us today on 0800 066 5832 for more information about changing the conservatory roof at your Bedfordshire home.