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Replacement Conservatory Roof Barnet

 A replacement conservatory roof from Guardian is what you need to revamp the look of your Barnet residence.


The Guardian Warm Roof will not only give your home better visual appeal, it will allow you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.


It is a shrewd investment whichever way you look at it; it will serve you for many years and it will help cut down your energy bills in the long run. All this while adding to the value of your property.


Another plus is that you won’t need to seek regulatory approval for your Guardian roof in Barnet.


There are many tiling options to choose from for your roof, and these tiles are available in different colours. You don’t have to settle for a polycarb or glass roof; you can have one that matches your theme.


Give us a call on 0800 066 5832 to get started on your new replacement conservatory roof in Barnet or see if your concern is among the FAQs.

Guardian Warm Roof Barnet

This revolutionary roofing system brings with it immense benefits for homeowners.


Effective insulation:  With a Guardian Warm Roof, you can forget about having to abandon your conservatory when temperatures are too high or too low. This roof has been subjected to rigorous testing and found to have 100% thermal reliability. Besides creating a conducive environment for you to spend time in, the insulation will save you money. You will eventually feel the effect in the long run on your energy bills.


Multiple roof options: The beauty with a tiled Guardian replacement conservatory roof in Barnet is that you can have it in an array of styles. You can have your roof with further aesthetic enhancements such as roof windows and downlights if you want to increase the amount of lighting. To further spice things up, you can have the roof in the colour of your choosing. Browse our gallery to some of the possibilities you can have with a Guardian roof.


Full approval: Every Guardian roof comes with full approval from the Local Area Building Control (LABC). So you don’t have to go chasing authorities for required paperwork.


Send us an email query and a dedicated member of our staff will get back to you. Or ring us up on 0800 066 5832 to find out more about the benefits of a Guardian replacement conservatory roof in Barnet.