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Replacement Conservatory Malden – Get a FREE Quote today

Guardian Roofs offers the best quality replacement conservatory roof for your Malden residence.

Our renowned and pioneering Guardian tiled conservatory roof has been hailed as a revolution in home improvement, being the first tiled conservatory roof to gain LABC approval.

It has also been praised for its energy efficiency and its ability to turn your Malden conservatory into an elegant extension of the home.

With a conservatory roof replacement, you can now enjoy your conservatory in Malden every day of the year in complete comfort.

Additionally, you will make savings on energy bills due to the superior insulation of a tiled conservatory roof conversion. The guaranteed length of service our Guardian conservatory roofs offer also means you won’t be spending on repairs or another replacement conservatory roof any time soon.

Call now on 0800 066 5832 if you want more information about replacing your conservatory roof in Malden, or send us an online request . You can also get a free quick quote on this page.  

How you can transform your Malden Conservatory

A replacement conservatory roof will allow you to make a dining room or living room extension out of your Malden conservatory.  You are no longer limited as to its utility.

You can even choose to make it into a cosy little home office; the options are practically limitless.

The revolutionary Guardian Warm Roof makes it possible to comfortably inhabit this part of your Malden home even during extreme weather.

The thermal efficiency offered by Guardian’s roofs means you not only get a conservatory liveable all year-round, you stand to make huge savings.

Less energy required to heat or cool your house means lower energy bills. You will be hard-pressed to find this kind of energy efficiency in a conventional conservatory roof.

Guaranteed Replacement Conservatory Roof

The fact that your Malden replacement conservatory roof is guaranteed to last a long time also means you won’t be forking out for repairs any time soon.

A 10-year fully backed guarantee with your Guardian roof will give you that added peace of mind. You also won’t have to worry about getting planning permission for your new roof; Guardian roofs come fully LABC approved, enabling the construction of what is effectively an extension without any planning hassles.

There are more reasons to put your faith in a Guardian Warm Roof. The diverse range of Guardian Roof styles such as Edwardian and Victoria style roofs, plus a range of tile finishes means your Malden home will look much better. A matching conservatory being far superior to a glass or polycarb carbuncle attached to your home.

Download our brochure for more information or get a free quote on this site to upgrade your Malden conservatory