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Replace My Conservatory

At Guardian Roofs we can help you replace your conservatory by replacing the key part of it – changing the old glass or polycarbonate roof for a lightweight, solid tiled roof turning your conservatory into the room it always should have been.


Our roofs have full regulatory approval and have been proven to work both in making conservatories a superb space all year round and also in saving the homeowner money on their energy bills.


Coming in a range of styles and subtle colours, the tiled conservatory roofs also make the room look like a sympathetic extension.


We can answer anyone’s call to ‘replace my conservatory’ and turn what might be an unloved eyesore used only as expensive storage space into whatever you want it to be – whether that is a second lounge, home office, games room or just a room whose purpose can change over time.


If you are considering replacing your conservatory, please contact Guardian first to discuss how we can get you the results you want at a fraction of the price of ripping the whole thing down and building a new extension.


Call us on 0800 066 5832 or use our Contact Form – live chat is also available on the contact page. 


Options To Replace Your Conservatory

replace conservatory


For anyone considering replacing their conservatory there are a limited number of options.


The first would be to do a like-for-like replacement, perhaps the conservatory has been in place for a few decades and is showing its age. 


It could be removed and replaced with another similar conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof but it is hard to see the benefit of this.


The room would still have the same inherent flaws caused by the roof’s inability to regulate temperature. The homeowner would be paying thousands of pounds to recreate the same problems.


A second option is to remove the conservatory and replace it with an extension. Funds permitting, this option has clear benefits, the extension can be designed to blend in with the rest of the house and the space created will be of a high quality, potentially creating an extended kitchen, or improving the lounge, or making whole new rooms. A two-storey extension with a bedroom and even bathroom on the top floor is possible.


The problem with this option is the cost, tens of thousands of pounds and that on top of the expense to remove and dispose of the conservatory.


That leaves one option, essentially the middle ground – using the best of what you have and improving on it to transform the space. The conservatory structure is sound, it is the roof that creates all the problems, replacing the roof with a modern, lightweight, tiled roof therefore acts as a solution.


It is this option that we have perfected at Guardian, developing the Guardian Warm Roof, a product that can be applied to any existing conservatory with each replacement roof bespoke made.


It was the Guardian Roof that was the first replacement roof to receive Local Area Building Control (LABC and LABSS) approval, and it was our roof that led to regulatory change to make this style of roof permissible on conservatories.


Through our approved installer network (and you can check whether any installer is approved by contacting us), we guarantee all the roofs fitted and every quote is itemised to the penny before work starts.


Replacement Conservatory – Your Questions Answered

To help you make an informed decision as you look to replace your conservatory, we have compiled a list of FAQs on this site covering many common queries such as whether planning permission is required (it isn’t), how much disruption there might be and more.


By hitting the quick quote link you can also get a guide as to how much replacing your conservatory roof would cost.


We said that replacing the roof gives the best of both worlds, effectively turning the conservatory into an extension, and this can be seen in the roof styles and finishes.


There are styles to suit every type of property and these available in thousands of subtle shades – the roof will be designed to blend in with the rest of the property, while internal options and finishes will help make it suitable for any planned future use.


Financially, there are benefits too. Changing the roof leads to energy bill savings, these averaging £200 per year according to independent research by AECOM. If you ever look to sell, the work is likely to have paid for itself and more besides – we have hundreds of examples of where properties with Guardian Roofs have sold for considerably more than otherwise identical neighbouring properties.


Replacing your conservatory doesn’t have to mean replacing the whole conservatory – replacing the roof can have exactly the impact you are looking for.


Please have a look around this site and contact us with any queries.