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Make A Conservatory Usable For The Summer

What is the point of having a conservatory if you cannot use it in the summer?

As hypothetical questions go, it might not be up there with whether trees falling out of earshot makes noises. However, if you own a house with a conservatory it is a lot more important.

Most conservatories are simply unusable when the sun shines. They have other flaws too, but none of them are as important. What matters is that conservatories are added as rooms that will be perfect for when the sun shines, then turn out to be inhabitable when the mercury goes above 20 degrees.

Fortunately, we believe there is a solution. Conservatories can be turned into great spaces, the perfect space from which to enjoy those warm summer days (hot summer days if we get really lucky)

Here we look at how you can make a conservatory usable for the summer.

You might expect us to now roll out a range of options for varying budgets. However, there is only one solution proven to work; one solution that has won the backing of authorities right across the UK.

Regulation change

The solution is one that is close to our hearts, the Guardian Warm Roof being the product we spent years developing.

Naturally, we are going to speak of its benefits, but they are benefits which have been backed up by thousands of customers, by authorities who have granted it full Local Area Building Control approval. It is our product which led to regulations being changed to alter just what was allowable as a conservatory roof.

Without that regulation change, conservatories would have forever been flawed.

Until 2010, conservatories could only have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, two materials fundamentally unfit for purpose.

We worked to develop a replacement, a lightweight, solid, tiled roof – then we had to work to win regulatory approval, to prove that our product could fit on to existing conservatory bodies and also was worth fitting – that it did make conservatories usable in the summer.

Of course there is a cost involved. The work is not major – it typically takes three days – but to some it can feel like throwing good money after bad.

This is fully understandable, however a counter argument is that the work can make financial sense in the long run.

The replacement roof makes the conservatory far more usable in the winter, you can use it without the need for the heating to be on almost constantly. According to independent research, the saving comes to around £200 per year off a typical heating bill.

Financial Sense

A bigger impact can be on the value of the house – a replacement roof effectively turns a flawed conservatory into a great extension. Rather than being a room that puts would-be buyers off, it becomes a selling point, something that can add real value.

The look also helps, glass and polycarb conservatories don’t exactly blend in, instead ours come in a range of styles and subtle colours. There is a type to fit every kind of property.

We are passionate about our product and believe it can be of great benefit to any homeowner stuck with an unusable conservatory.

We are also aware that you will want to have a look at other options and do more research.

If you want to know more about the Guardian Warm Roof, please have a good look round the site, there is a wealth of information including a gallery which showcases some of the available styles.