Guardian Roof Lantern LED lighting

Your Guardian Roof Lantern is a stunning focal point and offering floods of light by day, but it doesn’t need to disappear with the sun. Let your roof lantern come alive at night with optional integrated LED lighting.

Make your Guardian Roof Lantern work for you, from morning until night

Whilst sunlight will flood through your Guardian Roof Lantern during the day, you can ensure it remains at the heart of your new space all day long. Our unique, discreet LED lighting option can seamlessly be integrated into your Guardian Roof Lantern to give you full control of your evening ambient lighting.

Create your own mood with colour changing roof lantern LED lighting

Whether you want bright light or a low level glow, our LED lighting can be dimmed to suit your mood. Further still, set the ambiance of your space with the built in colour change feature; opt for classic white or a vibrancy from any colour of the rainbow. Plus, you are in control remotely using a hand-held controller or via an app on your smart device.

Our roof lantern LED lighting is seamlessly integrated ambient lighting

When you opt for our LED lighting, there will be no unsightly wiring or additional switches to clutter your wall. The flush-fitting LED lighting strips are fully integrated into the Guardian Roof Lantern for a sleek, seamless finish.

More customisation options

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