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Did You Know You Can Change Your Conservatory Roof

Is your conservatory more sauna than great summer space? Is it more often used as storage than to unwind in with a glass of wine?

It might surprise you to learn the problems can be solved inside three days. A few days work can change the conservatory into the best room in the house when the sun shines, and potentially add significant value to the property (often well in excess of the cost of the work).

All you need to do is change the roof.

That might sound a bit glib, all you need to do, but it really can be that simple.

Switching to a solid, lightweight, tiled roof transforms your conservatory into one that is usable all year round, one that looks great and it also helps you save money on your utility bills.

If you want to know more about the market-leading Guardian Warm Roof, call us today on 0800 0665832.

You can change your conservatory roof – but why would you want to?

The main reason is the reason why we developed the Guardian Warm Roof, to transform the conservatory into the room you always wanted it to be – the best room in the house during the summer.

Changing the roof really can have that effect, after all, the roof is the only flaw in the typical conservatory. Whether it is glass or polycarbonate, the traditional conservatory roof is simply not fit for purpose, when the sun shines they magnify the heat; the room becomes a virtual sauna.

In reality, it is crazy that anyone thought glass or polycarb roofs were a good idea, however until 2010 they were the only option. It is only thanks to our work at Guardian, pressing for regulations to be changed and developing a product that met full regulatory approval, that the regulations were updated.

In 2010, solid, tiled, replacement roofs were approved by regulators – though it is only our roof, the Guardian Warm Roof which has full Local Area Building Control approval.

As well as our testimonials we believe this is our unique difference, other can say their roofs make a difference; regulators have green lit ours to say they do.

Getting the room you always imagined your conservatory would be is the main benefit, but not the only one.

Guardian Roofs also look great, something you can see for yourself by having a look at the online gallery. There isn’t much you can say about glass conservatory roofs, they look a bit dated, they don’t blend in with the rest of the property.

The Guardian Warm Roof comes in a range of styles and subtle colours, and bespoke roofs can also be made – there is a style of roof to match every type of property.

The third benefit is financial. Of course, a replacement roof costs money, but that initial cost quickly starts being recuperated.

First there are the annual energy bill savings, according to independent research by AECOM, the average household with a conservatory will save £200 a year from their energy bills, such is the greater thermal efficiency.

Then, there is the value a Guardian Warm Roof often adds to a house. Of course it will vary by house and postcode, but in many cases the work immediately pays for itself should you look to sell.

Any would-be buyer is effectively getting a great extension rather than a flawed conservatory; that is an enhancement they are willing to pay for.

And, as we mentioned, the work typically only takes three days – and that’s to remove the old roof, recycle it and install the new, including a beautiful internal finish of your choosing – potentially with sky lights and recessed lighting.

When you came to this page, you might not have known you could simply replace a conservatory roof. Now, armed with that information, do please get in touch if you need any further advice or would like an obligation-free quotes.