I've Heard About Replacement Conservatory Roofs – Are They Any Good?

For the past few years, it has been possible to replace your glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a solid, tiled roof.

However, is it a change you should make? It's more expense, is it worth it?


They make the room usable

Perhaps the main reason why they are worth considering is that they make the conservatory fit for purpose.

Yes, the initial conservatory cost money and so spending more can seem like a waste of your hard-earned cash.

However, that initial outlay might currently be wasted money. Most conservatories with a glass or polycarb roof are simply not usable during the summer as they get uncomfortably hot. Then, in the winter, the opposite is true, any bit of warmth escapes through the roof and so the heating has to be on almost constantly if you want to sit in there.

A replacement conservatory roof, or at least a solid, tiled roof from Guardian, changes that. Our roofs exist to serve one purpose, to make the conservatory usable all year round.

Yes the work costs money, but it also turns the wasted expense on the initial conservatory into money spent that ultimately led to a great room, a room that may well become your favourite in the house.


They look great

They say looks don't matter, but we all know they do!

A glass or polycarb conservatory roof looks a bit, dare we say, ugly. They certainly don't blend in with the rest of your property.

But, replacement conservatory roofs come in a range of styles and subtle colours. With our roofs, there is a style to match every type of property – whether it is Gable, Victorian , lean-to or any other style. You can see the range of Guardian Roof styles by following this link.


The work can pay for itself

Conservatories with glass or polycarb roofs don't tend to add significant value to a house, buyers know only too well that they are essentially wasted space.

Upgrade to a solid, replacement roof and the work can add significant vale to your property. Of course, exact amounts vary on a whole host of factors, but it is true to say that in many cases, the amount added to the value of the property is greater than the cost of the work in upgrading your property.

Given you will also start enjoying the room, it's a double win – an improved standard of living, and a profit should you ever look to move.

  • Even if you don't sell, there are savings to be made on energy bills each and every year. Independent research shows that on average, upgrading the conservatory roof leads to energy bill savings of around £200 per year.


There's minimal upheaval

It only takes three days to remove the old roof (we will recycle as much as we can), and then install the new.

You don't even have to see a single weekend disrupted. We are not aware of other home improvements which have so profound an effect in so short a period of time.


You can buy with complete peace of mind

Or at least you can with the Guardian roof! The Guardian Warm Roof has full Local Area Building Control approval; it is the only roof of its kind to have this.

In fact, it is thanks to our work that these replacement roofs even exist – we knew there had to be a better option than glass or polycarb roofs and so set about creating that alternative.

That work led to our roofs being created and then legislation being changed in 2010 to  allow these solid, tiled roofs as conservatory roofs. We have shown that they delivered on their promise – to make the conservatory usable all year round.


If you want an obligation free chat about the Guardian Warm Roof conservatory, or you want us to pop a brochure in the post, please call on 0800 0665832.

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