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Our market leading Guardian Warm Roof
enables you to transform your conservatory
into an all year round living space by
completely replacing the old roof

By replacing your old conservatory roof for an energy
efficient Guardian Warm Roof, we can create a stunning
new living space you could only dream of.

Discover the benefits

Watch our Guardian Warm Roof
transformation video

Watch our Guardian Warm Roof
transformation video

Look here to see how our innovative roof options
can make your new roof your own

What do you want to know?

Can’t find the answer? Chat live now and see how we can help. Help

Help Can’t find the answer? Chat live now and see how we can help.

Engineered for quality and designed for you

Our conservatory has been designed to provide a high performance thermal and structural solution allowing you to now enjoy a conservatory as an additional all year round usable living space.

Perfect as a conservatory roof replacement or as your chosen roof for a new build conservatory.

Why Guardian
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Ridge Cappings

Designed and made to match the roof tiles or slates.

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3 layers of high performance rigid insulation board (125mm) The high performance insulation achieves a superior U-value of only 0.18 W/m.K (England and Wales) and 0.15 W/m.K (Scotland).

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Roof Tiles & Slates

Available in a range of beautiful colours to match or compliment your the existing roof tiles of your home.

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Thermally efficient double glazed skylights available as individual skylights or full roof length skylights (featured here).

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Aluminium Frame

Lightweight structural pre-engineered frame of the roof.

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Gutter System

Standard rainwater system.

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Exterior grade plywood forms part of the roofs structure.

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Waterproof Membrane

Waterproof membrane is laid over the plywood and secured into place.

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Why Guardian

Approved and Certified

Our Guardian Warm Roof System carries Local Authority Building control and a network of Certified Team Guardian installers, for your peace of mind

Team Guardian building control application

For registered and approved Team Guardian members please submit your applications for England and Wales via our online HBC portal

HBC portal

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