Help! I Hate My Conservatory

Head on to Google and you can quickly see that a lot of people don't like their conservatory.


I hate my conservatory. I wish I'd never got a conservatory. How to make a conservatory usable. I hate the look of my conservatory...


All those and a lot, lot more are common.


At Guardian Warm Roof this upsets us because it need not be like that. A conservatory should not be a room to be hated, it shouldn't be a constant reminder of wasted money and unfulfilled potential. It should be the best room in the house when the sun shines and it should be something that makes the house not only better, but also more valuable.


We think we can help. We think we can turn a lot of those I hate my conservatory into I bloody love my conservatory. Or, at least. I love my conservatory now but I wish we got it right to start with. After all, we're British. We're a glass half empty kind of place.


Speaking of glass half empty, that is one thing you can enjoy in a Guardian, you can enjoy your favourite summer tipple in the conservatory – and that's really enjoy it, no pretend to be enjoying it, thinking 'I paid for this conservatory, so I'm going to use it'


But, we've jumped ahead of ourselves. What do we do to make conservatories usable?


The answer to that is we change the roof. The roof is typically all that stands between a conservatory and its potential.


The vast majority of conservatories have either a glass or polycarbonate roof, two materials wholly unsuited to the job in hand, the job of keeping the room within a pleasant temperature range. With these roofs, the conservatory becomes a virtual sauna in the summer, while it is freezing in the winter.


A solution


We change that. We produce a lightweight, solid, tiled roof which replaces the old roof. Typically this work takes just three days, in that time the old roof is removed and recycled, the new roof installed, any finishing touches are done too  - internal lighting, or skylight for example.


A natural question at this stage is really Your roofs can really make a difference? And, if they are so good why doesn't every conservatory have a solid, tiled roof?


Let's answer the second one first. The reason most conservatories don't have a solid, tiled roof is because it's only recently that they were allowed. In 2010, regulations were changed to allow this type of roof, but we suspect most homeowners sadly don't know this yet...


And can our roofs make a difference? Well, the reason those regulations changed is because of our roofs, we developed them and proved to the authorities that they did deliver on their aims, that they were lightweight enough to go on the existing structure and that there was benefit in home owners making the switch.


It is worth noting that it is only the Guardian Roof that has full Local Area Building Control approval and so if you do fancy upgrading to a solid, tiled roof then ours is the one you can chose with confidence.


Many benefits


We believe our roofs also look great – they come in a range of styles and colours and so there is something to match your house. That tends not to be true of glass! You can get a feel for the styles simply by following this link.


Hopefully we've given you a bit of food for thought. Take a look round the site and see what you think, you can also use the quick quote tool to get a feel for what sort of expense you'd be looking at.


On money (vulgar as it is to talk about), there is one more thing we'd like to mention. The Guardian Warm Roof saves you money every year as it is proven to keep heating costs down – by an average of £200 per year in fact according to independent research.


Longer term, the work can also pay for itself if you ever look to leave, you have turned a flawed conservatory into something far closer to a wonderful extension. That is work that would-be buyers are willing to pay for.


A room that is usable all year round, a room that looks better both from the inside and out and work that makes financial sense.... There are a lot of reasons to at least consider a Guardian Warm Roof.

If you would like to know more, please do have a look round the site and get in touch with any questions or queries.

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