What roof options are there on a Guardian Warm Roof?

When you’ve decided that you would like a Guardian conservatory roof conversion, there are lots of roof options that are available. Customisations can range from colour, shape and more. It is one of the many benefits of the Guardian Warm Roof.

All of the customisations that can be made for your conservatory roof can be rendered with expert software. This allows you to see the final design before you place an order for the roof. In addition, you can also benefit from the easy prefabricated system that we’ve developed. This allows for a quicker installation.

So what are the potential Guardian Warm Roof customisations? Here is a quick guide to options you have that can give you an excellent finish to your conservatory.

What Roof Shape/Type can you have?

There are several different roof shapes and types that you can have. There is the traditional lean-to option. The lean-to option creates a roof that is higher against the wall and is a great option for those who have smaller conservatories or just want a simple roof design but with the benefits of the Guardian Warm Roof conservatory roof replacement.

A Victorian style conservatory roof

Another option is to have a Victorian style roof. This is where the roof has two angled roof sides that meet at a high point in the middle of the extension. The high point in the middle of the building stretches back to the original building.

An Edwardian style conservatory roof

A third option is to have an Edwardian roof style. This is where your roof slopes from all four sides of the extension. These meet at the middle of the conservatory at the high point of the roof. Edwardian roofs look very stylish and can be impressive.

A final option is to have a combination of these four different types of roofs. A combination roof is an excellent choice when you have an L-shaped conservatory/extension or another custom shape. It allows you to take in the benefits of each of the roofs that have been mentioned above.

What Roof Materials are there?

There are also different materials that you can have with your Guardian Warm Roof: the Esprit and the Guardian Slate.

The Guardian Esprit is fabricated from high-grade steel that has a textured Aluzunic coating applied to it. It is a great, contemporary roof tile that allows for a modern look and feel. Five different shares are available with the Guardian Esprit that can allow you to match the roof colour to the existing style of your property.

Guardian Spirit roof option finish in Charcoal Grey

The Guardian Esprit is also a great way to have an affordable new roof that will retain more heat in your property. This can also allow you to make more of your room throughout the year.

The Guardian Warm Roof can also have the roof slate option. There are another five traditional shades that are available for this. They can be blended for a replacement conservatory roof that looks very similar and most people would not be able to tell the difference.

Guardian Slate roof option finish in Terracotta

The roofing slate that can be added to your Guardian Warm Roof is much lighter than the slate. In addition, they’ve been tested to high levels of UV exposure there is virtually no fading on the roof. Therefore, you can maintain the aesthetic look of your new roof for longer.

What Window Options Are There?

There are also different windows that can be installed into your new Guardian Warm Roof. There are three main options.

Velux are fantastic roof options. Velux are the market leaders in roof windows and can double the daylight within the space and control the ventilation in your space. This allows you to have a stylish, energy-efficient conservatory that can be used in any weather.

Another option is the Solstice Skylight. These are excellent for the lean-to options. These offer you the chance to have an elegant skylight that maximises the light within the window.

Another option is to have the Guardian Warm Roof downlights. This is when there are energy-efficient LEDs installed. There is a very low maintenance option for you. The bulbs can last for approximately 30,0000 hours before they need to be replaced.


When you’ve made the choice to replace your existing conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof, or when you would like to have a new extension, there are lots of options for you. Whether you would like to have a different style of roof or perhaps change the lighting that can enter your room.

Above are some of the options. When you make the choices, you can see a digital representation of your finished conservatory. And when you’re ready, with the prefabrication options, your new roof can be installed quickly and easily.

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