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The Five Stages Of Grief Brought On By A Flawed Conservatory

We know the pain a flawed conservatory can bring, that’s why at Guardian Roofs we developed a product which can turn a flawed conservatory into a great space.

Here are the five stages owners of conservatory might go through prior to taking remedial action.


It’s not too hot. Well, maybe it is a bit warm in here, but today’s the hottest day of the year, or certainly one of the hottest.

Also, the conservatory needs to bed in and we need to get used to it. It’s like when you go to Spain and it feels boiling as you get off the plane.

In a week’s time this temperature will feel fine.

It will be fine, millions of people have conservatories, people wouldn’t buy them if they were flawed.


We’ve been ripped off. The conservatory is useless, worse than useless it’s just an ugly box on the side of the house.

We’ve paid thousands of pounds and the one thing we’ve got from doing that is we now have a smaller garden.

I’m going to write a letter, I’m going to demand compensation, we’ve been sold an absolute dud. Someone is going to pay for this and it’s not us.


If we cancel all future home improvements, maybe we can make it work. What if we use it just as extra storage, move all the clutter then at least the kitchen will look better.

Or can you at least be usable when we’re hosting that birthday bash in a few weeks? The conservatory is great on mild days, that’s what we need, no heat wave, no excess Sun, just a little bit of warmth.

After that, we’ll never grumble again.


No, it’s no good. We’ve wasted thousands, that money is gone for good. We’ve probably taken money off the value of the house, that’s if we can even find a seller, who’s going to want to buy the house now?

We’ll have to work longer to recoup the money we’ve wasted, that will probably make us ill.

I wish I’d never seen that advert for a conservatory. We were happy before we bought the thing.


Ahh well, it is what it is. We’ve got a flawed conservatory, it’s not great but life goes on.

Next time we’ll be a bit wiser before doing up the house.

We might have lost a little money, but we’ve still got a great house. Let’s not allow a silly thing like a conservatory to keep us continually depressed.

About Guardian Conservatory Roofs

At Guardian, we make a product which might just help you with those five stages of conservatory grief. Our solid, tiled, replacement roofs are an easy way to transform any conservatory into the space you always dreamt it would be – the best room in the house when the sun shines.

If that sounds like it might be of interest, have a look round the site and give us a call on 0800 0665832. We are haooy to offer impartial advice, and we can also pop a brichure in the post so you can decide at your leisure whether a Guardian Roof might be for you