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The Five Key Benefits Of A Replacement Conservatory Roof

Are you living with a conservatory which is unfit for purpose?

Have you heard that replacement conservatory roofs can make your conservatory usable; perhaps you’ve heard of some of the other benefits too.

Here we take a look at the key benefits of replacement conservatory roofs, and specifically the Guardian Conservatory Roof.

Get a conservatory which is usable

This is the key benefit, you have a conservatory which isn’t usable on the hottest days of the year, that is unless you enjoy sitting in what is essentially a sauna.

The main flaw of conservatories is the roof – be it glass or polycarbonate as neither is fit for purpose.

A replacement conservatory roof replaces that with a solid, tiled roof and with this one change, the flaw of conservatories disappears.

The room becomes a pleasant temperature all-year round. No longer will the room be off-limits, or usable only as expensive storage. Instead, it will become the space you always hoped it would be. We have videos on this site which show the transformation and just how much of an effect it can have.

A roof which blends in

Let’s be honest, a glass or polycarbonate roof doesn’t exactly blend in with the rest of the house. At best, conservatories look acceptable, at worst they can be a bit of an eyesore.

However, the Guardian Roof comes in a full range of styles and colours, so whether it’s Victorian, Edwardian, lean-to or another style there is a replacement roof to match. The conservatory will look like a sympathetic extension rather than a bolt-on.You can see the range of styles in our gallery.

Save on heating bills

A replacement roof has the practical benefit of being far more thermo-efficient, this means it keeps the temperature down in the summer, but also keeps any warmth in during the winter.

Of course many people with a conservatory simply don’t bother using it in winter as the heating is too expensive, but with a replacement roof the heating burden is greatly reduced, independent research by AECON finding the savings amount to around £200 per year on a typical property.

With energy costs only going one way, these savings will grow further still.

Add value to your property

Admittedly this one varies by postcode, property and the prevailing conditions in the housing market.

However, it is a truism that by upgrading to a replacement roof you are turning your flawed conservatory into what is effectively a sympathetic extension, and so this is work that adds value to the property.

Often, the work more than pays for itself, you can enjoy a conservatory which is now fit for purpose, and then, should you ever wish to sell, potentially more than recuperate the money spent.

A home improvement with almost no disruption

Even a job as simple as a knock through between lounge and dining room typically takes around a week.

However, removing the old conservatory roof and installing the new solid, tiled roof take just three days on a typical installation.

We are not aware of other home improvements to have so profound an effect in so short a space of time or with so little disruption.

About Guardian

At Guardian, we passionately believe that our product can turn a flawed conservatory into a  great space, it can turn the space into what you always hoped it would be.

Please take the time to have a look around the site and do get in touch with any questions or queries.