Conservatory Too Hot – This One Simple Change Will Solve That!

Conservatories are too hot when the sun shines, you don't need us to tell you that.

Not just too hot, but burdened with a heat you can do nothing about. In the summer months, the conservatories become virtual saunas.

People use blinds to try to cool the room down, fans can help a little, but they are what they are. A hot room with a glass roof.

There is, though, a simple way to put that right. A change that will make your conservatory a great space all-year round and THE best room in the house during the summer.

The Guardian Warm Roof, a solid, tiled replacement roof is that change. It is our product, a product we are incredibly proud of and as such you might expect us to talk up its virtues.
Please have a read though, our product has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval. It really is the single change that can make your conservatory usable.

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The Guardian Warm Roof – why consider it?

The main reason is that it delivers on that core promise – to make your conservatory usable all year round, to make it a pleasant place in the summer rather than a sauna.

How is that done though? The old roof, be it glass or polycarbonate is removed and in its place goes the new solid, tiled, lightweight replacement roof.

This new roof fits on the existing conservatory frame and the effect is immediate. That might seem easy to say though, what evidence is there?

We have the testimonials of people who have seen their conservatory transformed. We also have the fact that only our roofs have received full Local Area Building Control approval as a solid, replacement roof. This means that regulators are happy with our product, they have seen that it performs as we say it does and so have given it their rubber stamp of approval.

There are other benefits, we will come on to those, but this is the main reason to consider a Guardian Warm Roof – it will transform the wasted space of your conservatory into a wonderful room you can enjoy year round – and especially during the summer.

More benefits too!

Seeing your conservatory transformed into a usable room isn't the only way in which our roofs stand out from the traditional glass conservatory roof, the Guardian Roof also...

Looks great.

What do we mean by looks great, after all a roof is a roof! Well, the glass roof that's there currently doesn't exactly blend in with the rest of the property does it?

Upgrade to a replacement conservatory roof and you will get something which sympathetically matches the rest of your property. It might be a Lean-to roof, a gable roof, or any other style. It could be in any colour as we have a range of colours and shades to blend in with any property.

A Guardian Roof helps turn your conservatory from being a bolt on into something far closer to being an attractive extension.

You can see the full range of styles here.

Adds value

Upgrading to one of our solid, tiled roofs can pay for itself and often more besides.

By turning a wasted space into a great room, you will be adding value to your house – potentially the increase in value will be greater than the outlay on the upgrade.

The exact amount the roof upgrade adds to property value is of course dependent on many factors; however, as with many other forms of home improvement, the move to create extra usable space is one that usually pays off in the long run.

With conservatories this can be especially true. Buyers nowadays know the flaws inherent in most conservatories and so don't see them as something that adds value to the house; however, if the conservatory has been upgraded it becomes a real selling point, providing value extra square footage.

Create minimal upheaval

Three days – that's how long it typically takes to remove the old roof, install the new one and get your conservatory looking wonderful (including any features you might like, such as sky lights or lighting options.

We're not aware of many other home improvements which transform a room, add value and save on energy bills (by an estimated £200 a year based on an independent study) – all within the space of three days!

What next?

If you do feel you're stuck with a flawed conservatory, please do have a look round the site and give us a call us 0800 0665832. We really can turn your conservatory into a superb space, potentially the best room in the house - and it all stems from the roof.

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