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Do Conservatories Still Have Problems With The Heat?

Conservatories remain an appealing option for many homeowners looking for extra space at a reasonable price.

However, their reputation for being too hot to use during the summer puts many off. Is it still the case that they can’t cope when the sun shines? Surely that can’t still be the case; that must have been fixed?

The answer is yes and no. By that we mean yes the problem has been fixed, but only in a small number of conservatories. For most, no, they still can’t cope with the temperatures the British summer brings.

To explain, we’re going to provide a brief bit of history.

Conservatories always used to have either glass or polycarbonate roofs, in fact most new build conservatories also have roofs made from one of these two materials.

However, neither is fit for purpose; they are both terrible at regulating temperature; when the summer sun shines they quickly become too hot to use, in winter they are too cold and can only be a usable space if the heating is on almost constantly.

Thankfully, in 2010, regulations were changed to allow solid, tiled lightweight conservatory roofs – yet most conservatories built still have glass or polycarb roofs.

Why hasn’t the change in regulation seen glass and polycarb roofs become a thing of the past.

The reason is because our roofs, the Guardian Warm Roof, is the only solid, tiled conservatory roof on the market to have full Local Area Building Control approval. And, as we are just one company, while we have a superior product, we are nowhere near big enough to corner the entire conservatory market. Sadly!

In fact, the change in regulation only came about because we worked tirelessly to develop an alternative to glass and polycarb roofs and to prove it worked.

There are now a number of quality installers up and down the UK who can add the Guardian Roof as a replacement roof to an existing conservatory, or install it in a new build conservatory, but sadly our roofs are not the majority. And we say sadly not just because we would love to have the business, but also because any conservatory roof other than our own will prove to be unfit for purpose.

What makes the Guardian Warm Roof So Much Better?

Our roofs are better simply because they do the one thing we designed them to do – they regulate heat effectively and so in the summer the conservatory remains a pleasant temperature rather than being a sauna. In the winter our roofs mean the conservatory requires less heating; saving money on energy bills every year.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it – our roofs have regulatory approval, in fact they are the only solid, tiled conservatory roofs to have full Local Area Building Control approval.

Our roofs do have a couple of other advantages too – we’ll come on to those – but the main one is clear. They make the conservatory usable, they turn it from dead space into great space.

Roofs that look great

We mentioned other advantages – one of them has to be that the roofs look great. Glass or polycarb are, let’s face it, dated. They run the risk of looking like a bolt on to the rest of your property.

The Guardian Roof instead came in a range of subtle styles and colours – those styles including Victorian, Gable, Lean to and more. What this means is that you can rest assured that there will be a style and colour to match the rest of your property.

You can see examples and details of our range here 

Making financial sense

  • With a Guardian Warm Roof, you can enjoy financial benefits in both the short term and longer term.
  • Each and every year, there will be energy bill savings. Independent research by AECOM found that the typical savings would be around £200 per year on an average-sized property.
  • These savings come because the roof’s efficiency means the conservatory is far easier to heat in the winter. However, these savings, welcome as they are, are often little compared to what a Guardian Roof will do to your property’s value.


Whereas a glass or poly-carb roofed conservatory adds little value – buyers are only too aware of their flaws – a conservatory with one of our roofs can increase the value significantly. Often the work more than pays for itself – the buyer is effectively getting a sympathetic extension rather than a flawed conservatory and this is work they are willing to pay for.

Want a superior conservatory?

We know that serious consideration has to be given to any home improvement, often the owner will have a number of potential projects – you can’t do all of them (or not all at once, at least).

What we would say is that conservatories can be a great investment and a great enhancement but only if done right.

Please don’t waste your money installing a conservatory with a glass or polycarb roof. Equally, if you have one of these, why put up with it any longer?

Have a look round this site for a bit more information about the Guardian Roof – there are galleries, styles, technical details and far more besides. You can also get in touch and request a brochure – we’ll stick one straight in the post.