Why Changing Your Conservatory Roof Can Also Make Financial Sense

Having a new roof installed on your conservatory at home is a big decision. Why would you bother with the inconvenience and the cost?

Well, not only could it give you a room which is usable throughout the year, did you know that it could actually prove to be a good investment?

Many of our customers have stated that they were able to sell their house easily and at a top price after a Guardian warm roof was installed.

Want to find out more?

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How can a new roof be a good investment?


At Guardian, we have had hundreds of examples down the years of home owners who have sold their house for more than their close neighbours - and they tell us that their Guardian warm roof definitely helped. Why?

We’ll tell you more about exactly what a Guardian warm roof is later, but the tiled roof makes a conservatory look like a home extension - and for many people, that’s exactly why they choose to have a Guardian roof option.

The roof conversion will help you sell more quickly and for more money. So the benefits are much more than the everyday value of having more living space, you are also increasing the value of your home.

Did you know that a conservatory could increase the value of your house by 5%, and an extension 11%? The extra space, usable space, all adds up.

Aside from being an investment that enhances your own personal lifestyle – you’ll almost certainly get more, when you decide to sell.

Why not book an appointment to discuss converting your conservatory? You can give us a call now on 0800 0665 832.


What exactly is a Guardian warm roof?


A change of appearance, of usability and of value. At Guardian we replace your glazed or plastic conservatory roof with a more traditional, tiled roof and effectively transform a conservatory into a proper, usable extension. It puts a proper room on your house.

The transformation of your conservatory from expensive waste of space to desirable, ambient room takes us just a few days and will make your conservatory usable and lovable 365 days a year. No more ‘too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter’ for you!

Off goes the transparent roof, on goes a solid roof - there are several designs to choose from - and voila, your conservatory is now thermally efficient!

How efficient? Well, every room is different but our Warm Roof system is fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards.

You will even save money on heating bills!

How does it work? Each roof of ours is made up of a pre-engineered lightweight frame, two layers of insulation board and a vapour membrane for the very best in climate management. To find out more about the science, click here.


A new roof could change your house and add value to your house. The sums do add up!

You can give us a call now on 0800 0665 832 or fill out this form and we’ll speak soon.

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