Can I Sort My Conservatory By The Summer?

Is it possible to make this summer the one when your conservatory finally comes good, when it finally becomes the room you always hoped it would become?

Of course, this assumes we get anything approaching a summer this year, at the time of writing, March 2018, it is snowing!

However, we should get some great days later in the year, the questions is will you be able to spend quality time in the conservatory or will it remain off-limits, a virtual sauna and a reminder of wasted money.

And, if we do get that summer sun, the good news is that you absolutely can have a usable, great conservatory by then.

Here’s how.

All you need to do is replace the roof - admittedly that might sound like quite a big job, however it typically only takes three days…

Unfortunately there isn’t an easier solution. Without replacing the roof, the conservatory will always be flawed.

Glass and polycarbonate,, the materials used for the majority of conservatory roofs are simply unfit for the purpose. Despite that, until 2010 they were the only materials you were allowed to use for a conservatory roof.

It was thanks to our work at Guardian Warm Roof that a change was introduced. We worked on our product, a solid, lightweight tiled alternative and proved that not only could it fit to existing conservatory frames, it would also deliver on its promises - namely to make the conservatory usable all year round.

Thanks to us, regulations were changed, the Guardian Roof received full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval and solid, tiled roofs were passed fit for conservatories. Or at least our roof was, no other has the same level of regulatory backing.

With a Guardian Roof, your conservatory will be transformed into a room that is perfect place for those sunny afternoons - still light and airy, but also comfortable and at a pleasant temperature. In the winter too it retains warmth far better, essentially you are upgrading a flawed conservatory into a great extension, except without the cost of building an extension.

It is possible and achievable to have your conservatory fit for summer, but that still doesn’t mean it’s an easy decision.

There is, of course, some cost involved as there is with all home improvements. You might feel that you have spent enough on the conservatory and don’t want to spend a penny more.

If that is the case, we fully understand your position. All we would say to counter it is that your conservatory is currently wasted money, a bolt-on which isn’t what you hoped it would be.

By changing the roof you get three huge benefits, namely:

- The conservatory becomes not just usable but a pleasure to be in all-year round

- The conservatory will look great. That glass or polycartb roof doesn’t exactly blend in does it?! Our roofs come in a range of subtle styles and colours so it will look like a great extension to the house

- The change can make sound financial sense. People who have upgraded to a Guardian Roof save an average of £200 per year on energy bill costs.

Better still, the work often pays for itself and more if you ever look to sell. Would-be buyers are getting a great extension rather than a flawed conservatory. This is work they are willing to pay for.


What next

If you are at all interested in exploring whether a Guardian Warm Roof might be an option for you, please have a look round the site as there is a wealth of information.

You can see the range of styles in our gallery by following this link.

You can also get an easy estimate by filling in there form on this page and we are, of course, happy to answer any queries. Give us a call today on 0800 0665832.

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