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The Best Conservatory Designs

Conservatories are not always seen as being particularly stylish. Most have glass or polycarbonate roofs and so while they might offer extra space they don’t add to the aesthetic appeal of the house.


However, it is possible to get a conservatory that is stylish and adds to the appeal of the house, turning an eyesore into a room that adds value to the house and blends in perfectly.


In this post we will look at some great conservatory designs, but first a quick line on why so many conservatories have glass roofs – and why they don’t have to any more.


Until 2010, conservatories had to have either a glass or polycarb roof – materials that lack style and are also unfit for purpose as they cannot regulate temperature. They leave a conservatory too hot in the summer, too cold in winter.


At Guardian Warm Roofs, we developed a lightweight, solid tiled roof that can be fitted on to any conservatory, new or used. These roofs have been proven to make conservatories usable all year round and received regulatory backing in 2010. That means that conservatories can now have solid, lightweight tiled roofs.


As well as making the room usable, these roofs also have a range of styles and subtle colours – a roof can be made to match any type of house.


That is why conservatories can now be stylish and whey they are now akin to extensions, being great, usable space that adds real value.


The Guardian Roof can be made in a huge range of style – Victorian, Lean-To, Gable, Edwardian, P-shaped and , for when none of those quiet work, a bespoke style can be made.


You can browse theese fantasic styles here


It is also important to see the conservatories in context. A conservatory has to match the rest of the house, both in terms of roof style, but also size. Otherwise, a conservatory can look like a bolt-on or after thought. To see conservatories in context browse our conservatory roof gallery.