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Are Replacement Conservatory Roofs Safe?

Replacement conservatory roofs have become hugely popular in the past decade as homeowners look to turn a flawed room into a superb space.

However, many are put off by concerns about the safety of these roofs and even horror stories about bodged installations.

So, are replacement conservatory roofs safe? Let’s use the evidence to answer that question.

A History Lesson

The reason for the concern is obvious, when most conservatories were installed they were fitted with either a glass or polycarbonate roof. If they weren’t designed with a solid, tiled roof in mind then is it sensible to remove the roof they were designed for and replaced with another?

The concern is justifiable and until 2010 there wasn’t even a question to be answered; conservatories had to have either glass or polycarbonate roofs and so there was no option to replace with a tiled covering.

That, though, poses the question why were the regulations changed? Why did replacement roofs become permissible.

At Guardian Roofs we are uniquely placed to answer that as it was our work that led to regulatory change. We demonstrated both the benefits of a replacement roof and that they could be fitted safely to any existing conservatory.

The key was the weight. Although they are solid, tiled roofs they are also lightweight, they are light enough to fit on to any existing conservatory structure without placing too much load on it.

In fact, the structure is often lighter than the roof it replaces so there is less of a burden placed on the supporting frame.

The leading replacement roofs such as the Guardian Roof come with full Local Area Building Control approval, their quality and safety is assured, they have regulatory backing and meet and surpass all safety standards.

The replacement roofs you need to be wary of are those without approval and also tiled options that do not replace the existing roof. Incredibly, this is an option some people go for – having a tiled roof added on top of the existing structure.

The thinking behind this option is that it is cheaper (there is no need to remove the existing roof) and also perhaps less disruption, although it is worth noting that when we replace an old roof and install a new the whole process only takes three days.

Unfortunately it is just additional weight piled on to a conservatory structure not designed to withstand it. There are many examples of the structure giving way, the roof falling inwards and potentially damaging furniture and equipment, or even injuring anyone inside.

But, this undesirable option aside, and assuming you choose a reputable company such as Guardian, replacement conservatory roofs are completely safe and have full approval and regulatory backing.

Benefits of a Replacement Conservatory Roof

That then poses the question why get one? There are many reasons – a replacement conservatory roof:

  • Makes the room usable all year round. The problem with glass and polycarb roofs is that they cannot regulate temperature, the room is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. A replacement roof changes this, transforming any conservatory into a room that is a superb space all year round
  • Changing the roof makes the room versatile – it can become a home office, or games room or second lounge or be used for any other purpose.
  • The roofs look great. A range of styles and subtle colours are available, ensuring the conservatory will blend in with the rest of the house. No longer need it look like a bolt-on
  • Lightweight, tiled roofs lead to energy bill savings, this because the U-value is a superb 0.18 and so much less energy is needed to heat in winter. Independent research by AECOM put this saving at £200 per year on a typical property.
  • Should you ever look to move, the work is likely to have paid for itself and often more besides. Any would-be buyer is getting a superb room rather than a flawed space.

On this site, there is a wealth of information relating to the Guardian Warm Roof.

Please take the time to browse and do contact us with any queries or to arrange an obligation free quote to see how much a replacement roof would cost for your conservatory.