Why Did Anyone Ever Think Glass Roofs Were A Good Idea For Conservatories?

At Guardian Warm Roofs, we are experts at making things right, turning flawed conservatories with glass roofs into great space with solid, tiled replacement roofs.

And while we are proud of our replacement roofs, it does occur to us that they shouldn't be necessary. Glass conservatory roofs should never have been an option in the first place.

What we want to know is who on earth thought they were a good idea in the first place?

Who was at the meeting when they signed off glass roofs, and how did they miss all these?!

They don't look great.

Glass roofs don't blend in with the rest of the house (well, unless you're in the unlikely position of having a glass roof to the rest of your property).

They look like a bolt-on to the rest of the house, rather than extending the sweeping lines and style of the property, the roof makes the conservatory jar with the rest of the building. Had they been thought up as an idea in an art and design lesson they'd have been given a D Grade. At best.

It breaks easily

OK, glass can be toughened, however all too often it is a relatively breakable substance. This is especially important when it's an area most likely to be hit by errant balls from over active children playing in the back garden.

The other problem with glass is that as it breaks it shatters. It breaks easily And is then very dangerous once it has broken. Great...

The conservatory gets unbearably hot

Did they test the roofs at all? Everyone with a conservatory knows that as soon as it gets remotely hot outside, it gets unbearably hot inside.

Did they do all their testing in the winter? Were they tested during the worst summer in recorded history? It is baffling that a product hit mass market with so obvious a flaw – and then continued to sell in huge numbers.

Oh, winter isn't much better

You know we said they must have done all the testing in winter? That can't be right because if they had tested in winter it would surely have been noticed that the roofs were so inefficient at keeping the heat in.

In fact, so poor are they at keeping the room warm that switching to a Guardian Roof will save £200 a year on average, money that comes straight off the heating bill.

They are a poor investment

This one might be a bi-product of all the above, however it's pretty obvious.

Would-be buyers aren't interested in conservatories, the money paid out to have it installed is unlikely to be recouped through an enhanced sale price. In fact, some buyers might even reduce their offer, factoring in the cost to either upgrade the conservatory roof to Guardian Warm Roof, or to knock it down completely.

The solution

If you are stuck with a glass-roofed conservatory, there are three main options.

You can stick with it – it is what it is, a bad job, but it works as storage and is an OK space in the autumn and spring.

You can knock it down – this might free up space for the garden, maybe a nice decking area or patio.

The final option is to consider a replacement roof such as the Guardian Warm Roof. Our roofs do what they were designed for – turning the conservatory into a great space all year round.

They also look great, coming in a range of styles and colours and they come with full Local Area Building Control approval – guaranteeing complete peace of mind.

Have a look round the site to find out more, or give us a call today on 0800 0665832.

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