A Warmer Winter With A Guardian Conservatory Roof

The main reason for installing or upgrading to a Guardian Warm Roof might be to get more out of the summer, but did you know there are also benefits in the winter too?

With a glass or polycarbonate roof, conservatories might not be used much during the winter, but then they are often not used much in summer either. While they are too hot in the summer, conversely they can be freezing during those colder months.

However, a solid tiled roof naturally regulates the temperature all year round, much like the solid, tiled roofs on the rest of your house! Not many people choose to have glass roofs on their lounge, sitting room, or bedroom – and with good reason.

Major Savings

Using a conservatory with a glass or polycarb roof in the winter is expensive, the heating needs to be on almost continually.

But the Guardian Warm Roof is proven to save the homeowner money – more than £200 per year on average to be precise.

The independent body AECOM modelled the savings a Guardian Warm Roof could provide.

They modelled a typical house with a standard Victorian-style 12’ x 12’ conservatory.

The savings forecast came to an estimated £5,447 after 25 years because of the sizeable differences between the U-values of a Guardian Roof and those of a traditional roof. In technical terms, the Guardian Roof reaches an incredible thermal U-Value of 0.18W/m2K.

Ready for Spring

There are other reasons to consider making the switch in winter too. It typically takes just a few days for experienced installers to remove the old roof and install the new, getting the work done at this time of year means that if there is spring sunshine (fingers crossed!) your conservatory will be ready.

Finding your nearest installer couldn’t be easier – head to this page where you can use the map to find an accredited fabricator. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 066 5832 with any queries, or if you want us to help you get an obligation-free quote.

With Guardian, your conservatory becomes a great extra space in the winter and it will save you a figure running to thousands of pounds.

However, we realise it’s the summer you care about most! The Guardian Warm Roof is the one conservatory roof which delivers year round; the only solid, tiled roof with full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval.

Have a look at the range of styles, read the testimonials from previous customers and perhaps start looking forward to those enhanced summers and skinnier energy bills!

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