How to get a home extension on a budget

A home extension on a budget with a Guardian Warm RoofWe couldn’t really afford a home extension but we wanted a conservatory that we could enjoy all year round, so when we heard about the Guardian Warm Roof - it was an easy decision.

One month later, I can only say that it’s given us the perfect room. Light, airy, quiet and comfortable.

That's a quote from one of our many, extremely happy customers at Guardian Building Systems. They couldn't afford a full home extension, equally the idea of a traditional conservatory was underwhelming.

The Guardian new build conservatory, with its solid, tiled roof, fits in the middle. It's quick to install, far cheaper than an extension, yet can be used all year round as a great room.

Can it really be as good as an extension, yet at a fraction of the cost? We believe  so – and here's why.

A room that is usable all year round

The main problem with most conservatories is that they get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. As problems go, it's a big one, and it justifiably puts many people off even considering a conservatory

However, that is also a problem that is easily eradicated. Conservatories have those heating issues because of their roofs, whether it's glass or polycarbonate, neither is fit for purpose.

That is where the Guardian Warm Roof conservatory roof replacement differs-  it uses our unique solid, tiled lightweight roof.

This roof sits on a standard conservatory frame, just as a glass conservatory roof would, yet it has none of the draw backs.

We have included useful links lower down to technical information and videos.

A room that looks like a great home extension – at a fraction of the cost

Another reason people rule out conservatories, at times don't even consider them, is the look.

Again, though, this is a flaw of the glass or polycarb roofs – after all, they hardly blend in with the rest of the property.

A Guardian Conservatory has a range of styles and subtle finishes, so is designed to blend in with any type of property, be it Victorian, Edwardian, Gable, Lean-to or another style.

Easy to install

A traditional bricks and mortar extension is a fairly major building project involving significant upheaval.

A Guardian Conservatory build however is a far simpler process; just a few days work with no major upheaval.

And in the vast majority of cases there is no need for planning permission, the extension / conservatory being a permitted development.

A home extension on a budget – but with regulatory approval

Conservatory Roof Replacement
A question we are often asked is why, if solid tiled conservatory roofs are so much better, are so many conservatories still made with glass roofs?

The answer is that until 2010, conservatories were only allowed to be built with glass or polycarbonate roofs.

At Guardian, we were instrumental in proving the effectiveness of a solid, tiled replacement and now ours is the only roof of its kind to have full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval.

An article in WindowsNews warned potential buyers of the dangers of choosing solid conservatory roof other than the Guardian Roof.

The best of both worlds?

A Guardian Conservatory build has the cost savings of a conservatory and is a great way to add a home extension on a budget to your property.

They are quick to install, yet have full regulatory backing.

They are certainly worth considering as you look to add space to your house.

Below are a few key links to provide further information:

Project inspiration – get inspired with some of our past installations
All about the Guardian Warm Roof


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