The 7 reasons why people love getting a new conservatory roof

At Guardian Warm Roof, we are extremely proud of our work in transforming flawed conservatories into great spaces.

Our solid, tiled replacement roofs turn a room that was once too cold in the winter, too hot in summer into one which is often the best space in the house.

Customers are universal in their praise for the work done, and the transformation the roofs make, however many pick out different factors as being the biggest single benefit of having the work done.

Here we take a look at the many reasons why homeowners love Guardian Warm Roofs as replacement conservatory roofs.

1) They make the room usable.

This is the most obvious benefit, the one people are after in the first place.

Conservatories are built with either glass or polycarbonate roofs, neither fit for purpose as they are terrible at regulating the temperature.

Changing to one of our solid, tiled roofs changes this. The conservatory will now be a pleasant temperature in the summer, while in the winter it will no longer be almost impossible to keep warm.

No longer need the room be used simply as expensive extra storage space.


  • 2) They blend in with the rest of the house.

Guardian roofs come in a range of subtle styles and colours; from Edwardian to Victorian to Lean-to, gable and more.

There is a style and colour to blend in with every type of property. This means that the conservatory won't look like an ugly bolt-on any more, it will effectively become a sympathetic extension to the rest of the house.

You can have a look at the range by following this link.


  • 3) You buy with complete peace of mind.

There are other replacement conservatory roofs on the market, but only the Guardian roof has full Local Area Building Control (LABC) approval as a solid, tiled replacement.

This approval came about because we worked tirelessly to develop a product which could work on an existing conservatory frame, a lightweight roof which can simply replace the glass or polycarb.

It is thanks to our vision that regulations were changed in 2010 – prior to this conservatory roofs had to be either glass or polycarbonate. We proved an alternative was viable.


  • 4) The best of both worlds

One feature customers love is that although the glass roof is replaced with something more in keeping visually with the rest of the house, the conservatory remains a sun trap.

That is because the frame is untouched, so you still have those wonderful big windows. The lightweight roof also lends itself to sky lights, the light still comes streaming in, but the heat remains under control.


  • 5) Add value to the property

Many would-be buyers know only too well that conservatories with glass or polycarb roofs are flawed.

These buyers are not going to pay extra for a conservatory as they know they are unlikely to use it. In fact, they are perhap more likely to see it as a reason to not buy the house, or at least to reduce their offer; they might be thinking they'll be paying out to have it removed.

However, upgrade to a Guardian Warm Roof and the conservatory is now effectively a superb extension. This is desirable extra space, space these would-be buyers are willing to pay for.

Often the work to upgrade more than pays for itself – ask a local estate agent for further advice on how the upgrade might affect prices in your area.


  • 6) Savings on heating bills

Independent research by AECON found that on a typical property, having a Guardian Warm Roof installed saved around £200 a year on heating bills – highlighting just how hard glass-roofed conservatories are to heat in winter.

With fuel prices only going one way, these savings are likely to grow further still in the coming years.


  • 7) Minimal upheaval

Typically it takes just three days for our skilled installers to remove and recycle the old roof, install the new and leave the conservatory in a completely finished, superb condition.

We are not aware of many other home improvements which have so profound an effect in so short a time. Compare it with the time it would take to knock the conservatory down and build an extension in its place – there is no comparison time wise, yet that is effectively what you are having done.


Get in touch

With a Guardian Warm Roof, you transform your conservatory into a great space, a room that looks great both inside and out. You can also buy in confidence – both knowing that there is LABC approval; also that the work will only take a few days.

If you would like further details, a chat about your requirements, or would like a quote please get in touch by calling us on 0800 066 5832.

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