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5 Reasons To Get A Replacement Conservatory Roof

We’re going bold in this blog post – no beating around the bush. We think replacement conservatory roofs are game changers; they turn what can be a useless space into a superb room.

However, that is just one of the benefits – there are some you won’t even have considered.

Here we list the 5 reasons why you really need a replacement conservatory roof (assuming you have a conservatory that is, if you don’t have a conservatory getting a conservatory roof might be an extravagance).


1) They make the room usable all year round

This is the key benefit and the one you’ll have thought about – does a replacement conservatory roof solve the problem inherent in all conservatories – that they are too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter?

The answer is yes, they do just that, or at least the Guardian Warm Roof does (it’s the only roof with full regulatory approval – more on that later).

It was thanks to us developing the Guardian Warm Roof that regulations were changed in 2010 to make replacement, solid, tiled roofs permissible – we had to prove that they did what we built them to do – to make conservatories usable.

All our hard work means that the homeowner can turn their conservatory into a great space, not a room that is a virtual sauna when the sun shines.

However, that was an obvious benefit, let’s look at some which are more surprising.


2) They improve the look of the house

Traditional conservatory roofs look, dare we say it, like a bolt on to the rest of the house.

Your house has a certain style, it has a tiled roof, then there is a great big bit of glass stuck to it.

A replacement conservatory transforms the look and feel of the room. Our roofs come in a range of styles and subtle colours, this means that whatever the style of your house, a Guardian Warm Roof can be made to match.

No longer will your conservatory look like that bolt-on, instead it will have the look (and usability) of a wonderful extension.

You can see a picture gallery here.


3) They help you save money on energy bills

In the winter, do you find you have two options? Either accept that the conservatory will be freezing and so never go there, or keep the heating on almost constantly to make it usable?

If you try to heat it you will find you are spending a fortune. A Guardian Warm Roof helps greatly here, the roof’s greater thermo-efficiency means that far less heat escapes.

Independent research by AECOM found that an average homeowner living in an average house (on an average street, in an average year…) could expect to save £200 per year on their energy bills if they upgrade to a Guardian Warm Roof.

With energy bills only going one way, those savings should grow further still.


4) The work often pays for itself – if not more

The benefits above – getting a great room, which looks superb and then enjoying energy bill savings leads to one other big benefit. Would-be buyers are getting a virtual extension rather than a flawed conservatory and this is an upgrade they are willing to pay for.

It will obviously vary by postcode and the exact nature of the house and housing market, but it is fair to say that in many cases the cost of the work is eclipsed by the amount it adds to the value of the house.

Instead of thinking that they are going to have to pay to remove a flawed conservatory, the would-be buyer will instead pay extra for that extra space.


5) There is so little upheaval…

We believe that upgrading to a Guardian Warm Roof is genuinely transformative, it can have a huge impact on family life.

This impact doesn’t come with a lot of upheaval; the work does not take long to undertake.

Typically, it takes only three days for an expert team of approved installers to remove the old roof and recycle and then fully install the new, including applying your choice of internal finish (potentially with sky light or other beautiful touches).

We are not aware of other home improvements which have so profound an effect in so short a space of time.



Next steps

Are you  thinking of upgrading to a replacement conservatory roof?

Getting any major work done on the house is always a big consideration and you will naturally want to consider options, compare quotes and come to the best decisions.

In coming to that decision, please take the time to have a look round this site and feel free to fill out the quick quote form. We would also be happy to answer any queries – give us a call today on 0800 0665832.